The face that Nooooooo longer wears a smile

I’m trying, Christ in Heaven knows I am!!!

I need a Word from my Father. Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee Daddy send me a message from on high. I know I need to still away in solitude, but there’s no where quiet enough to do this.

Daddy, send anyone to speak to me, and give me clear instructions of what I need to do. I’m not complaining perse. But, I’m in the dumps I can’t lie.

I surrender my all to You Lord, please send a breakthrough. Thank You Daddy for keeping us safe throughout the night. And we even had a bite to eat and were able to shower.

I’m just having a hard time being happy go lucky while experiencing all this. My bday is in six days and I’m sooooooo miserable… Nonetheless, I love You Lord and look forward to deliverance.

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)

40 thoughts on “The face that Nooooooo longer wears a smile

  1. Please do not be distracted by the views of the people around you but keep your mind focused on God. It is during the darkest of the moment that our God comes to our aid. I know my sister the tunnel you’re in seems mighty dark but we serve an awesome God. God allowed the satan to take away Job had but he continued to praise God was given greater than what he lost. I know things look bleak right now but you can make i through this trial. You have to have faith in God’s work and his timing, he’ll bring you through. I’m living proof of that. I don’t know your exact location but I am hoping the listing I send will be of some help to get you through this journey. I will continue to pray for you and God’s in your life.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to send the information… I’m sure it will help. God Bless you and I’m thankful you’ve overcome the difficulties you were experiencing… I know for sure God is working things out in my favor as well.

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  2. Your heart speaks to me and I feel where you all . I read you need a word and if you look at my blog I think you can find what you looking forward. I know how it feels to trust Daddy when he is not moving, you can’t feel him, and he seems so distant. You should be excited that you are in the right place at the right time. Waiting on Daddy to do something great surrendering you for him. Happy Early Birthday Daughter of Daddy this is not the end only beginning. Hugs, Blessings, and Love my sister!!!

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  3. You are so loved! I was going to respond with some encouragement, but WOW what a beautiful blessing of sweet people reaching out to you to send their love in your direction! VERY moving to witness the out pouring of God’s love through each one of y’all…you are so loved and blessed…and Happy Birthday!!!

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    1. Thank you, and yes God was so awesome to send me to WordPress… No matter what I go through, my sisters and brothers in Christ ALWAYS comes with much love and encouragement… I truly appreciate all of you.. Be Blessed

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