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EROS LOVE 1 (10/17/17 Tuesday)

Keep the fire 🔥 lit and never get caught looking a hot mess, the same way you looked the day you guys met is the same way you’re expected to look daily, never become complacent and start walking around the house for days with your Don King hair do, no shower, no pedicure… Come on […]

When the Lord Frustrates His Child

Isaiah 14:27 It may sound strange, but I actually get excited about certain times of frustration. When I sense a restlessness followed by dissatisfaction but cannot identify the cause, then I know to ask the Lord what He’s doing. Past experience tells me that once I make the move He desires, my frustration will end […]

How do you begin again???

It’s been sooooo long since I’ve dated, and now I don’t have a clue how to even get started anew. I was thinking about just remaining single, and continue to work, retire and eventually enjoy life… but I’m NO hermit crab, and this day to day loneliness is really getting to me SMH. Then, I […]

In need of HELP

Hello, My name is Paulette Williams and I work daily for USPS and have my own means of transportation. However, as of May 31, 2016 my husband and I will need a place to stay. I can’t afford much, but I’m willing to pay our way. We will take a basement, single room, RV, or […]

Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/25/15 (DAY 37)

Today is TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY Hair is a mess… gggggrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh! All the back to school babies beat me to the punch with my hair stylist Still tremendously sleepy… This is ridiculous how fast training came about geesh!!! Day three of lessons reminding us to make the best use of our time… No Godless chatter, […]

Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/24/15 (DAY 36)

Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/24/15 (DAY 36)

Today is MAKE EM SMILE MONDAY Even if you’re use to the atmosphere at your current job, realize change comes with elevation and transformation How can God take you higher if you keep fear as your confidant or companion?… Trust and Obey!!! Please forgive me… Terrible Vlog… Sleepy to the fifth power!!! Miserably sleep deprived… […]

Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/23/15 (DAY 35)

Today is SUPPORT SOMEONE SUNDAY Make a special trip to a hospital, hospice, mental institution, nursing home, jail or prison to sit with somebody today Sit down, call up a long lost friend or estranged family member or love one… Inspire, compliment & encourage them Lend a helping hand today. Allow God to surprise you through […]