Formulation of Alone No More (small group)

There are MANY of you who’ve offered to help with the planning and building phase of Alone No More, and I plan to start holding online meetings for us to come together all in one place, so that we can finally get this much needed Ministry moving in the correct direction. Instead of me checking each comment and inviting you to the meeting, please reply with your email address or mobile number, depending on the device you intend to use for the meeting(s). I’ll be using Anymeeting, beforehand you can check it out, and see which method you feel you’d be comfortable using and leave the corresponding information accordingly. Until I actually get the hosting site up and going, I don’t even want to throw out tentative dates and times, I’d rather post it once I know that I know for sure that it’s a go!!! Pray with me everyone that this finally works and God will increase during these meetings, and I’ll decrease, allowing Him to overtake my mind and speak through me according to how He desires for us to proceed from here. (sigh)… finally smiling, believing deep in my heart that it’s all uphill from here… We just gotta learn to be still, and watch Him work when we’re clueless about what in the world we’re suppose to be doing SMH. Well, time to knock down these hours… At least I’m going in here today feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted up off my shoulders… Thank You Daddy, and a multitude of Blessings sent in every direction for you guys as well 🙂 🙂 🙂 BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)

Not even mad.

Problems come in so many different forms, and it’s to be expected whilst existing in this imperfect world we’re a part of. But, it’s concerning when our reactions to the issues leave us feeling like we’d be better off dead, and I can only assume that that thought pattern only comes into play after we’ve allowed our frustrations and aggravations to build up to the breaking point where death is ultimately our only outlet… Wrong!!! It’s once again a disgusting trick of the enemy, and I too had to convince myself of this same fact that I’m expressing to you. No predicament or situation that we could ever face is too huge for God to devour!!! It’s just a matter of us trusting in Him, and taking the steps necessary to lay it all out before Him.

At times though, we can’t do this on our own either because our minds are already fixated on our final decision to leave this crazy chaotic world behind or we’re simply too weak to seek any type of help, in the form of Prayer, for ourselves. Then in when such entities as Alone No More gladly intercedes on your behalf… Once up and running, this ministry will be at the fingertips of any and every individual in need. We’ll be formulated with the realization that people may not want to or won’t have the time or energy necessary to dial in to a help line, and it’ll be effortless almost to grab that smartphone and click an app and be able to tap into live love, care, concern and compassion. We wanna talk to you and Pray for and with you, in an attempt to show you the importance of you remaining alive and guide you into that haaaappppyyyy and abundant life God intends for every single one of us to experience. Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee take time to see all the good in yourself… Sure, this job you’re at us creating unnecessary issues for you. But, look on the bright side… You possessed whatever skills necessary to obtain it from the start (ACCOMPLISHMENT). Therefore, give yourself a pat on the back, and take your time and eventually transition to the place of employment that will pan out conducive for you.

Soon I won’t be referring to Alone No More as an inspiring ministry, instead I’ll be passing along information on how to contact us and benefit from our Godly services.

Please donate and share this link, it’d be greatly appreciated… Be Blessed and encouraged my luv… “With God ALL things are possible!”


Let us go ahead and give me a written warning. This could have been a final warning leading up to termination but we decided to go ahead with a written warning this time.

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Suicidal thoughts affecting siblings… The devil is a LIAR!!! God’s still in CONTROL

This makes me sooooooo sad, to see that a sister transitions intermittently from fearing that her brother would commit suicide, to her herself experiencing overwhelming thoughts of it too SMH.

Yes, it’s likely and normal for family members to follow in each other’s footsteps… Like going into law enforcement, medicine, acting or modeling… That’s all well and fine. All three of my daughters mimicked me studying to become a Medical Assistant and eventually working successfully in the field… Now, that’s something to be proud of, especially me, as their mother, I feel as though I was a phenomenal role model.

On the other hand, suicidal thoughts and tendencies running ramped throughout a household of siblings is a sure enough reason to call together a group of missionaries for the purpose of intercessory Prayer… It’s a message in that happening, it’ll require much supplication in order to get to the root of it all. I don’t believe in or would never express to this family that I was concerned that someone had worked some type of witchcraft on them, casting mind controlling spells on them, because I’m sure that I’d be instantly discredited. But, in trying to analyze what could possibly be going on with them, that was a thought that crept in my mind, to no avail… Even though I threw it out there, trust me it holds no relevance and not even meant to be our true source of conversation. Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee act as if it were never mentioned, and instead focus on what ways we can help this family and undoubtedly many other families who also need assistance, as they’re going through this same kind of problem.

Alone No More is a ministry still in its infancy stage, that can deftly be beneficial in such times as these. But, we need help with funding, so that a proposal can be composed for grant monies that’ll be used to bring the whole entity together. Donate any amount, even if it’s $1, every cent helps and also share the link on your site(s). And know that it’s greatly appreciated… Every life counts, and those who are hurting simply needs the love, care, concern and compassion that this ministry’s team members will gladly offer.


There are many things that are hard in life. We often have conflicts and dilemmas that stay with us for certain stretches of time. Sometimes they stay for hours, sometimes days, and sometimes they stay with us for years.  The things that make our lives hard are usually not things at all. They are thoughts.

I paused before I knocked on the door. There was slight apprehension in doing so because of the unknown.  What didn’t I know? What do I always fear when knocking on this door?  Whether or not my brother will have killed himself. I used to occasionally fear this, in an abstract manner, but as his outward signs of depression worsen the idea seems less abstract. Sometimes I find myself angry at him because is being selfish and not doing what he needs to be doing. But then there are the days when I feel sad…

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