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Strong Bonds That Hurt (((TEARS)))

My name is Paulette Williams, and I’m reaching out to you on the behalf of my family.  The entire family is dysfunctional for real and I’d like to see a change in that, but that’d take some time understandingly so. Therefore, my primary focus right about now is my immediate family, which consists of my […]

Angry @ Myself

โ€‹I’m almost scared to write this. But, I can’t shake it til it’s totally outta MY system. Nonetheless, I’m trynna figure out JUST what type of person I am that makes EVERY aspect of my life sooooo unbearable SMH. I can’t keep friends, because I ALWAYS seem to be standoffish; afraid of being HURT. So, […]

Great point to bring up… even amidst a horrible situation she remained respectful geeesssshhhhย 

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At work a whole hour early SMH!!!

At work a whole hour early SMH!!!

How do you begin again???

It’s been sooooo long since I’ve dated, and now I don’t have a clue how to even get started anew. I was thinking about just remaining single, and continue to work, retire and eventually enjoy life… but I’m NO hermit crab, and this day to day loneliness is really getting to me SMH. Then, I […]

It’s a hard knock life for ME

NOT understanding why is causing my confusion. How WILL I EVER get to sleep at night??? Were ALL those good days fraudulent? If so, you deserve an Oscar!!! How could I EVER be so stupid, NOT to have seen this coming beforehand and readied myself for it all… SMH ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I haven’t a clue […]

In need of HELP

Hello, My name is Paulette Williams and I work daily for USPS and have my own means of transportation. However, as of May 31, 2016 my husband and I will need a place to stay. I canโ€™t afford much, but Iโ€™m willing to pay our way. We will take a basement, single room, RV, or […]