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Sharing was always a BIG problem for me and I never understood whether or not it was because I was the babbbbbbyyyyyyyy of seven and was spoiled rotten, coming up, and Neeeeeevvvveeerr was taught or made to share with others. In any event, I learned while rearing my four babies just how selfish I really was SMH, and to this day I get sick to my stomach to even think I was that cruel of a person… Thank God for salvation, sanctification and transformation!!! I’m Nooooooo longer the idiot I once was… Hallelujah!!!

Today, I give quick, fast and in a hurry. Especially to those who are needy. Because God says what we do for the least amongst us, we do unto Him. Also, I was taught that we’ll never know if we missed an opportunity to give to Jesus and/or an Angel, and run the risk of failing the test and missing out on an enormous Blessing unknowingly SMH. To keep that from happening, just share period.

I won’t claim to be all the way there either!!! Because God just reminded me of my sneakiness last night, trynna open my favorite candy bar without having to offer my husband some… I even told him he was allergic to peanuts lol… He was like “no I’m not”… I was so piiiiiiisssssseeeeedddddd. And I think he seen my reluctance frfr, that I was laughing on the outside, but holding back at the same time… Not really wanting to give ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh… Dag why did I reblog this post… Now I’m mad at myself for being greedy!!! Daddy, please forgive me and I truly appreciate Your obvious chastisement, and I ask that you remove selfishness and candy greed away from me… Far away, for its not right to be stingy at all, even with things we look at as mediocre.

Itttttt’sssssss sooooooo important that we share unselfishly… Not with a mean or angry heart, so that our Blessings won’t be held up. God loves a CHEERFUL giver 🙂


More on Sharing…
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is more in sharing than what most of us know about it. The heavenly bodies in the universe share ample space. Without the fair sharing in the seemingly infinite space in the universe, the heavenly bodies including earth would have been bumping with each other. Humanity shares the air to be able to survive and so are the lesser creatures. Sharing is not limited to food. The Designer is wise, indeed, and that is what He expects His intelligent creatures to be.

Unfortunately, because of pride and greed among humans, even the road space is not shared fairly, resulting to altercation among greedy motorists. They want to get more than what is provided by going against the flow of traffic or by overtaking the long queue of vehicles as they come to a standstill. This greed sometimes results to violence, and worse, death.

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The Other Woman

Even in our hurt, we are expected to remain Godly and Pray for both… The “coward” husband and the “trashy” other woman with low self esteem. In actuality, we’re simply God’s Grace away from that being us. And deftly let’s not be judgmental, because the same measures that we use to judge others will in fact be met unto us vice versa.

Regardless of the woman’s wrong doing, we gotta still see her as our sister in the supernatural and intervene on her behalf… Asking God first to forgive her and then for her to be transformed. Surely, she’s caught in satan’s disgusting web of sin, any time she can carry on that way with humiliation and just feeling down right low afterwards. That’s why we’ll trick satan amidst his own trickery… Where he thinks he’s successfully reaped havoc in the lives of three individuals, he’ll actually lose his grips on the two that allowed him free reign in their lives.

We’re all one big family, dependent upon each other, Nooooooo matter the anger… Be the BIGGER person and Pray the wrongdoers through… And watch Heaven smile upon you and yours… Be Blessed and encouraged my luvs!!!

How can you mend a broken heart???

A Facebook group I started in 2008, during the most desperate and desolate point of my life, while in need of like minded supporters.

I was lonely, angry, sad, suicidal and down right hopeless!!! This congregation of hurting people helped me heal, and I returned the favor. Today, the group is flourishing, and I feel bad that I’m not as active as before, because my marriage is better than I could’ve ever imagined. So, I don’t really have much to write about.

Nevertheless, I gotta realize that I made a commitment, and as long as they need me I have to be there for them, just as they were for me years ago… It’s all about creativity, even if it means surfing the web, until I find relevant information to share, then that’s what it’ll be… Because I will not shut them out, no matter how good things go in my life!!! Neeeeeevvvveeerr forget where you came from.

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)

Suicidal Ideation When I Stop Drinking

This kind of reminds me of Robin Williams… How he appeared introverted as he quietly endured whatever ultimately drove him completely over the edge. Suicide itself is tragic enough standing alone. But, when there’s little to no warning signs available, allowing friends and love ones the chance to intervene it’s horrific. Just makes me stress all the more for everyone to Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee go that extra step further in analyzing what could perennially pan out to be absolutely horrific, if we remain lackadaisical, and someone truly dear to us just so happens to take their own lives… Maaaaannnnnnn Ohhhhh man what pain we’ll feel. Simply another reason why Alone No More is imperative


When I stop drinking completely, I find myself emotionless, dreaming up various plans for how to end my life. I don t mean in the immediate aftermath of sobriety; I don t think it s a withdrawal symptom. I was sober for nearly six months before and the entire period was characterized by such planning. Not the kind of suicidal thoughts brought on by panic or despair; I didn t sit around sobbing and wanting to die. It was much more calculating and emotionless, dominated entirely by logic… Suicidal Ideation When I Stop Drinking

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