Avoid LONELINESS and settle for utter DISRESPECT

Not!!! I just gotta keep myself busy… Maaaaannnnnnn, I thought surely by today at least I’d be feeling a llliiiitttttttllllleeeee bit stronger geeeesssssshhhhh :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

Then, I thought about firing back up my Tagged and Kik accounts, perhaps that’ll keep me occupied. But, that’s simply a temporary cure, in a place where I need a permanent healing… Daddy, I need You!!! This is one of them times where I could use a great big fatherly hug, and lay my head on His shoulder and cry for a few ticks (((((((TEARS)))))))

Nonetheless, before I’ll save myself from the broken feelings and bring him back, only for me to risk another broken heart in two to three weeks… Nooooooo, I won’t even put myself through the agony. I know all too well that he’ll Neeeeeevvvveeerr change! So, let me stop allowing him to take me down on a monthly basis… With no remorse each time. Of course, he does his whimpering, just to get his foot back in the door. But, obviously it’s not sincere or it wouldn’t be a repetitive norm for us… I’m fed up to the max!!!

Therefore, self you had better snap outta this craziness, of even considering to let him come back into your life, to destroy you over and over again! Where’s your self worth? That inkling that says to you… “Girl, you’re beautiful, and any real man, in his right mind, would love to have you, and treat you like the Queen God intended”

As long as I keep settling, why should he change, if nothing forces him to??? There’s never no repercussions for this unfair treatment, he’s just out of the house for a couple days, then brought right back, to get all the rewards a good husband deserves, and I’m sure he laughs deep within; like “look at this retard, I can do anything to her, and she’ll keep taking me back” and that helps him think I have low self esteem, and accept his mess, because I believe I can’t do any better than him… Lies you tell!!! And I’ll show you this time around… Trust me, I’ll be strong before you know it, and I will move on for sure :-):-):-)

No lookin BBBBAAAAACCCCCKKKKK, I’m gone Mr Maaaaannnnnnn… You lost out, and that’s not a threat, but a promise!!! One man’s trash will be another man’s treasure… Don’t believe me… Just WATCH :-):-):-)


35 thoughts on “Avoid LONELINESS and settle for utter DISRESPECT

  1. Thank you for your visit to Kingdom Business and for your follow. I returned the visit and was impressed, so I returned the follow as well. I look forward to following along and seeing what our God is doing in and through you. Blessings to you and yours.


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  2. I know this struggle too well :/. each time, I say “this is the time I’m stepping away,” and, although the breaks get longer, I never can stay far enough from a situation. I hope this is the full break for you!

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  3. You go girl! I wish i could give you a real big hug right now! You got this! When my froend would have a man issue i would ask her, “if you had a child, would you want them to do what you’re doing? Would you want them to go through what you’re going through?:)” I always say, marry a man that treats you the way you would want your daughter to marry. You’re are going to be so much stronger when this is all said and done. I’m proud of you!

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  4. Dr. Phil says, “You teach people how to treat you!” I heard that years ago and I’ve been making decisions accordingly. As a result, after separating from my husband a year ago, I’ve learned so much about myself–namely how wonderful I am and how much he took for granted. You’ll find the same. Stand your ground.

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  5. You are priceless, worth more than rubies to God! He has the perfect one for you and I pray He brings him to you in His perfect timing!

    Thank you for stopping by to read and follow Hope For Today. I look forward to reading your blog. You are blessed and a blessing!

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  6. Here’s a book that may help. Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man: Coping with Hidden Aggression – From the Bedroom to the Boardroom Paperback – October 1, 1993
    by Scott Wetzler

    Yes, it’s an older book, but it really helped me – i wasn’t going through as serious a situation as you, but the concepts should work in any situation. You can buy it for a penny plus shipping on amazon or get it as interlibrary loan from you local library. It is not a christian based book, but i thought it was very helpful. though it is not easy, you simply must distance yourself from the relationship.

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