Mental Health is important and the patients stability should not be played with

Medication for people with mental health issues is very important, and doctors should not be allowed to mismanage their care, simply because they want to be arrogant, and I need your help to stop Janelle Welch-Oliver from Changing Minds Psychiatry, from causing patients to possibly succeed with suicide or lapse into psychosis and hurt others. She does not need to be treating mental health patients.

Will you please help me with this

Please help me with my mental health emergency

How do you deal with your husband failing to please you in the bedroom?

I’m very sexual, and I don’t want to be too graphic here, but I go in depth about the reason, that I feel that I’m a nymphomaniac, in my book “The Transparent Me

As a child I was sexually assaulted, and the weird thing, about how I how reacted, as I developed, to what should’ve been a tragic moment for me, instead of me fearing men or hating the very thought of them, I actually became highly promiscuous; and gravitated to them, on a highly irresponsible way, to the point where I was soliciting them, sometimes daily smh 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Me, being able to continue this abhorrent behavior, without reproach or getting chastised, gave rise to my second book “Sister Sistah Connection”, where I expound upon breaking the generational curse, and mothers doing better with their daughters, and watching over them.

Unfortunately, my mother and her mother wasn’t close at all, which caused my mother and I, to be horribly estranged; all the way up until she passed, and although I hate like crazy, that she went to her grave, without us making amends, I hate more that I was violated as a child (on her watch), and now have a huge problem with intercourse regularly; causing my husband to feel inferior and invalidated. We can be in that session for hours, but I’ll still need to masturbate, before I feel fulfilled.

But, back to my daughters, and the importance of the book. I was, have always been and will forever be convinced, that my mother failed me, and allowed that (the sexual abuse) to happen to me, was merely because she never connected with me, as a caring and protective mother should have. But, I was determined to do differently by my girls and I have taught my daughters to meticulously watch over my granddaughters, and that can only occur, by annihilating the ridiculous curse, that seemingly has a stronghold on the females in my family, that causes them to hate each other longterm, which in turn stands in the way of the women appropriately rearing up the little girls, and that stupidity only leaves them vulnerable to the possibility, that they could haphazardly end up like me. Something I refuse to stand by allow (Not on my watch).

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Ohhhhh yeah it’s opinion time… Yall ready???🤔

Love don’t love NOBODY 💙 🅿️ 😇 🙌 🙏 💛… #letsargue #letsdebate #letsagreetodisagree #letschataboutit

Why can’t I keep a man 🤪😵‍💫😩🙄🤯
  • 1. Uhhhhhh, I totally disagree!!! I’ve been happily married for years.
  • 2. Ohhhhh yessssss, I wholeheartedly agree. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ for some reason I just can’t seem to get it right.
  • 3. Well, to be honest, I’m 2 sided and I’ll elaborate for ya.
  • 4. F*ck love 🅿️eriod, I’m absolutely done with it fah sho fah sho.
  • 5. Girllllllll I’m headed to the court house as we speak grrrhhhh 🙄

148 Days… Nothing beats a failure but a TRY 😍💯🥰💋😘

Today has been very productive, and I gotta thank all who’ve been Praying for and with me for almost a week now, since I began this unwarranted countdown, and most certainly I thank You Daddy, for hearing our Prayers, and slowly but surely bringing me out of the sunken place, that had me bound… Yes, I can refer to it in the past tense, because I’m believing God for a total miraculous breakthrough, to the point where, even the lingering ideation disappears for good!!! I claim it, believe it, and so SHALL receive it.

All the good things that happen for me today, reassures me, that there’s definitely POWER in Prayer; especially Prayer in numbers. I started to have some cigarette withdrawal jitters earlier, and was about to give in to the cravings, and rush out to buy a fresh pack, but God said… Ohhhhh no you won’t, and He reminded me of my nicotine transdermal patches, that were just stored up for this type of emergency 🤩 #ThankYou Jesus, You’re the BEST 🥰… I did awesome in my workout sessions for today, I noticed that I was able to push myself further than before #Hallelujah 💖… Pandora was on fire 🔥🔥🔥 earlier, once Bacc Seat came on, my lil legs was getting it lol 😂… I had to slow myself down, so I wouldn’t gas out so fast 😵‍💫😩🤪

I stopped for a while, and baked myself some fish, covered in sautéed onions, butter and lemon juice 👌, with some sweet corn on the side, and some good ole kool-aid, then I was back to the races… I started with Body, thank God it’s slow paced, cause I was stuffed and sluggish… So, I took my time in the beginning, but before I knew it Ballin came on, and once again my legs was going so fast, I most certainly could’ve beat the greatest marathon runner of all times lol 😂 lls 🤣… I’m just so ecstatic that my mood has improved significantly… God knows how grateful I am to each of you, who have supported me; some of you, for many many years, have been here since I created this site, and was going through all types of turmoil, you never left me, and always sent me great words of encouragement, and I appreciate it, really I do 😘

Today, when I realized how happy I was, of course I thanked God, for even giving me the presence of mind, to get back on my site and reach out for help. Just imagine, had I missed Him leading and guiding me, I wouldn’t be moving in the right direction, towards healing, and just may have gotten so frustrated, that I could have acted on my suicidal thoughts sooner than I planned smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… But, God makes nooooo mistakes 😜… Also, while pondering on my blissful feelings, I thought about my future, and the things that I need to began to work towards, in order for me to have a long lasting span of happiness, and I remembered my Pastor always said that we should Pray specifically, not merely trivial. So, I mustered up the courage, to ask God for a handsome, God fearing, intelligent man, who don’t cheat, don’t hit women, loves to travel, loves children (I have 14 grandchildren and 1 great grand), loving my babies just like I do is a MUST 🥰… I’m retired, but I want to be either a radio personality, social media influencer or start a record label, music is my life, not to mention all the talent in my family. But, I want my mate to be like minded, and desire one or all of the things I’m interested in, not to be selfish, as if everything has to revolve around me and my wants… Absolutely not!!! Just compatible and able to work together on our endeavors as a team. “Team work makes the dream work”

Welp, it’s time to relax and this is when I get bored and the racing thoughts began to drive me nuts grrrhhhh 😩… I’m scared to make and take my famous OTC cocktail, after it gave me the night terrors, that I experienced the other night shewww lawd… That was scccaaarrryyy 👀👀👀. But, I honestly think until I find an online support group, I’ll have to keep self medicating, in an effort to rid myself of mental torment. BTW, if any of you know of a site, that posts about good movies, please fly me in… “Put me in the game coach” lol 😂… As always, I love you guys to the moon and back and once again thank you so freekin much ttyl 💣💖🤩

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149 Days… Father God in Heaven… Have Your Way 😍🥰😘

Man ole man ole man… I opened my site to blog for today, and seen that a fairly old post had been reblogged, and I took the time to read over the post, from nearly 7 years ago, and I seen how optimistic and positive I was, even though I was homeless smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… Not getting many hours at work 😩.. But, I was always taught that you never allow yourself to look like what you’re going through. Also, “Faith is the substance of things Hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen”… Back then, I can remember that I would keep a smile daily smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ and believe God to do the unthinkable for me; which He has so many times before, and just as I hope He does again for me, before my time runs out. #JesusTakeTheWheel

Something else I surprisingly noticed today, is that a nice author reblogged my first book post for me… I’m so thankful for that; as I expressed to them, and I elaborate on that, with great emphasis, because that’s gotta be God, Who led them to reblog the book, because I was so sad that my books done so poorly, and I know it’s my fault, that I failed to promote the books properly duhhhh 🙄… Like how would anybody be interested in my books, when they have no clue who I am lol 😂 lls 🤣… But, still the fact that they took the initiative to assist meant a lot to me #ThankYou

But, back to the old post I mentioned earlier, even though I’m happy that the post and video was so 🅿️ositive, I just had a #thingsthatmakeyougohmm moment, where I just wanted to break down and cry my eyes out, to think that I even have horrible memories to look back on, dating back so many freekin years ago, and people have the audacity to wonder why I’m counting down my days so openly!!! My God, just take the time to analyze my HCYMABH page, different posts from my YouTube and many other social media platforms… A lot of things I’ve archived, because my family would be embarrassed of my transparency, and instead of me moving forward with my attempts to link with others, who were going through the same things I were; in hopes that we could support one another, to please my family… I denied myself, probably some of the best help I could have ever received smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… Not this time dammit 😩… If it’s meant for me to live through this and finally get connected with good people, who are also suffering, and we can help one another, then that’s what will happen. #ironsharpensiron #loveyourfamily #eachoneteachone #PrayWithoutCeasing #ohana #happy

I’ve actually had some inconsistent inconsiderate therapists and counselors, one who fell asleep on me, one who reintroduced herself to me, after I’d been visiting her for months 👀👀👀… I’m like wtf… You can’t be serious… I just feel like it should be more than a paycheck for these people smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… For me, I get really attached to my therapists, or I can’t disclose any personal information 🤪… So, when you prove to me that we really don’t have a genuine caring specialist client relationship… Then I’m turned off and totally done thereafter. Nonetheless, I really thank God for the 2 miracles He performed for me today, showing that He is answering my Prayers, for Him to turn things around for me, before my plan can become a horrible reality… God knows I really don’t wanna die… Just wanna be loved, appreciated, taking serious, seen as important and worthy of life. As always, I love each of you and thank you from the top and bottom of my heart for all of your Prayers, support, likes, comments and shares 😍💋🥰💯

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150 Days… My uneventful night put the “I” in Ironic fah sho fah sho 🤩

Straight out the gate, it’s no secret the types of things I mainly expound on on all of my pages… Hell, to keep it a hunnid, I really don’t even post regularly, unless I’m desperately in need of Prayer and support. Well, what do you know smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… Last night I had a #thingsthatmakeyougohmm moment for real… Where I thought I was dying, but was begging God to save me 👀👀👀. I was in and outta sleep and the pain was excruciating and I honestly thought I was vomiting up my liver 😩… And I only refer to that organ, because I remember when I was a really bad alcoholic, I was always fearful that God would punish me by giving me Cirrhosis of the liver, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but people use to tell me that if you have Cirrhosis, that your liver can become so badly mangled and choppy, that you can actually regurgitate it up 😵‍💫… Well, let me explain… I knew that the pieces of whatever it was that was coming up and out was absolutely huge each time… To the point where it was choking me, and nobody inna world could swallow regular normal food that big period. In my head I was dying fast, and remember my lil Peaceful place I purposely snuck off to live in… Off the grid, where nobody knows the address, shewww lawd… Honey child I was wishing upon a thousand stars that at least one person had slipped through the cracks and remembered my address, from back when I shared it during my travel and could please please please please please send help smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m sooooooo happy to have finally woke up and still had all my fingers, toes, vision, taste, sight etc… I was confused asf… Like wtf just happened 😳… Shoot my niece taught us all very well, how to masticate 100 times before we devour our food dammit… So, how in the heck did I have pounds (globs) of who knows what spewing up outta me like that???🤔… I was thinking, perhaps you just had a complete outta body experience and none of it happen… Uhhhhhh, I would have believed that, except for the remnants of the night before were staring back at me, from my bedside garbage can, letting me know that the former and neither the latter were so. I had indeed went through pure hell earlier and the most important point and fact of it all, is that I literally thought I was dying, but was begging for God to please save me, and spare my life… You talking about a confused individual… I’m lost lost at this point.

I went ahead and did my workout, the whole time trynna make sense of the irony of it all… Thinking, hmm maybe you really want to see if good things will happen before the 150 Days dissipate, that will make all of the horrible thoughts go away. I was on board with that thought and I added, that the way I see me going out does NOT constitute all the pain, and I started thinking long and hard about that pain, and I’ve had 4 babies, but the pain I experienced last night toppled that times 3 smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… It felt like I was having abdomen surgery without anesthesia, and it was simply my punishment, for allowing myself to fall back into this suicidal pitiful state of mind again, when you’ve been free of it since 2017. Another #thingsthatmakeyougohmm moment… Welp, it’s true that I haven’t gone as far as to act on my suicidal thoughts since 2017, and although that appears to be a celebratory point, on the face of it all, I think it’s important to realize that some of the worst things to ever happen to me, occurred well after 2017 and I remained strong and held on to the place I’m at now, where I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. TBH, I can admit that the other attempts were behind much more trivial things than what I’ve gone through since 2017, and I was determined not to go out weak, but to fight with everything in me and I have, unfortunately Covid-19 messed up a very good case that I had in the works, that appears to be stored away on the shelf; as if somebody’s livelihood don’t depend on a verdict, but who am I?

But, back to last night. I seriously think I was Praying to God, to spare me and explaining that it’s most certainly not my intention to neither make a mockery of Him nor give Him an ultimatum… I’m just hurting, confused, lonely, sad, miserable, devastated, in pain (literally), numb and mute for the most part smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… It’s a heavy burden for me to go to my mailbox, brush my teeth, grease my hair, cook, bathe; and I’m a female, so God knows I’m down bad, as low as one can get 🥲

The irony continues

For some time now, since I became overweight, I’ve purposely avoided mirrors, family photos and videos fah sho fah sho… But, mainly mirrors!!! Well, I had professional movers to move me in to my new home and I did all the paperwork electronically, without ever seeing my home beforehand… Covid-19 changed us and the dynamics of the way we move smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… After the movers left I locked my door and messed around with some things in the living room and kitchen, before going to my bedroom… Omg, when I tell you I could have passed out… I’ve never seen anything like it… My entire closet is made of freekin mirror… And the movers set my darn bed up directly adjacent to it… There’s no effin escaping it 🤪… And both of my bathrooms have damn panoramic mirrors… I’m like I’m doomed lol 😂 lls 🤣 #bingbong can somebody send Joe Byron to help me 🥰 #gottalaughtokeepfromcrying

More irony smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

Sooooooo, I stopped smoking cigarettes, where I’ve been smoking for 27 years and highly addicted, up to two and half packs per day… No exaggeration 😜… Wouldn’t you think that my breathing would be better during my workout sessions instead of worse 👀👀👀… Before, when I would work out and go smoke I could breathe just fine… Yes, I said I would finish working out, light a cigarette and breathe absolutely delightful… Today!!! I nearly died while on my aerobics bike… I’m like you gotta be kidding me… Am I cursed??? Wtf is really going on, that everything is in total reverse for me lately 💣🤩💸💰💵… I don’t do well wit the unknowns and weird stuff happening… So yall Pray wit and for me… I live alone smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ and I scare easily lol 😂 #loveyall #ThankYou #Prayer #JesusTakeTheWheel #family

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151 Days… God I need You now… More than ever before 💖

I actually feel better today, and have enough energy to get some exercise in 😜… It’s been said that exercise is more than just beneficial for weight loss and heart health, but it also releases much needed dopamine into the brain… Now, that sounds like a winner 🥰… Because I’m determined to come out of this stupor unscathed and victorious… I’m down to try all methods of any and everything 🅿️ositive. I started my cigarette cessation 3 days ago and it’s hard, but I’m determined 🅿️eriod… In order for me to see the good in life, I must look towards a new way of living in total. No, 151 Days don’t seem like much, but with God “All things are possible“… I’m even purposely eating healthy lol 😂… I know my neighbors think I’m crazy smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… Watching all the Amazon Fresh deliveries come over the past couple of days. But, I want my family to know that I understood the assignment 😘Should worse come to worst and I lose my battle with ideation and this whole thing comes to fruition… They will not be able to say I went out weak… The proof will be in the pudding… That I listened attentively and put forth the BEST fight I had inside of me… Now, all I need is God’s help, to push me across the winning finish line “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”… Let’s go 😍

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Can’t sleep 😩

So frustrated smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ … Then to add insult to injury… There’s nuttin to watch on TV. Imma basket case, this has gotta stop dammit 😤

This insomnia is starting to affect the way I look, which has a detrimental impact on my ideation… Gotta pull myself together, but I’m clueless about the anecdote or remedy needed #notincontrol #outtacontrol #outofcontrol #desperate #please

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152 Days… Jesus take the wheel 😩

Today I’m so down in the dumps. I honestly thought I was over actual suicide attempts smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. Yes, I constantly suffer with ideation, but things feel different lately. Family is so busy, with their own affairs, which I respect; don’t get me wrong. However this right here –>> Family member desperately crying out for help Should have never happen.

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The Transparent Me

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Once again, we’re showing our fallen talents some love & we have #ahkdaclicka @ahkdaclickaa1 @ahkrllyclickn, #lilneff @1lilneff & #semihomie @semihomie for #May2023

Even though I have a dedicated team, some of the social media work falls on me & let me tell you… I found that these young men had talent that was truly impeccable & I can’t wait for God to Bless me with the right type of money, so that I can be a part of helping our youth make changes, that will be life sustainable & just watch the smiles on their faces; while they fill arenas & coliseums ALL OVER THE WORLD

Yes, I hear critics speaking about their style of rap not going mainstream & I would be remiss if I didn’t agree with the critique, because we do need to help them switch it up, to music that’s more commercial. But, how will they learn if we don’t invest in them?

We’re supposed to “FOLLOW THE MONEY” & in my opinion, that entails getting the correct individuals around our youth, who has their best interest at heart & the skill set to take them STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 🚀 🔥 💯 🎯

We’re on magazine #10 & have published articles on some of the best creatives yet. So, don’t miss out #linkinbio (dmv.standupIG)


After a lengthy #hiatus, #dmvstandup #dmvstandupwewinning will pay #tribute to the fallen artist #TakeOff, in the form of an entire #magazine dedicated to him. Which, chronologically exhibits the quiet, but effective, meaningful, purposeful & determined life he lived, loved & enjoyed 🚀🚀🚀

After this horrifying & senseless execution went viral; coupled with the gruesome scenes of other great talented artists, like: #FBGDuck, #YoungDolph, #KingVon, #Mo3, #PNBRock, #XXXTentacion, #PopSmoke so easily flooded the internet, I decided to back pedal on my efforts, task & assignment for a few ticks, while I try to grasp the concept of all these heinous deaths, that merely trend for a couple of days, then on to the next smh 🕊️

I’m numb, stagnated & baffled by it all & actually fearful to even highlight our babies from the #DMV, as they’re outta the way, for the most part & not a product of the “industry” chaos that’s been occurring & plaguing our culture, hearts & minds for the past 3 years. I said to myself, I’m good on trynna get them noticed, onna larger scale, just leave them be for now. Then, I wrestled with the fact that my promise; to do everything in my power, to help them level up, would be returned to me void & I had to weigh the odds, for which I decided to stick to the former for a while & refrain from showcasing local artists, until this irresponsible violence passes over 😩

In the interim, I’ll use the time to feature, showcase & pay tribute to the talented Kings & Queens, everywhere, who have left us too soon.


Following our pause on highlighting DMV artists we focused on slain artists November2022 #Takeoff December2022 #PopSmoke January2023 #KingVon & February2023 #MagnoliaShorty. We doubled back to #AntGlizzy #BarbaraSon, #BigFlock & #FatTrel in #March2023 now we have #23racks #Goonew #Goonew64 #LegendaryWick #Big64 #GoonRich & #Swipey #DirtySwipey #April2023

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Following our lengthy pause on highlighting artists from the DMV, we temporarily focused our attention on slain artists worldwide; thus our #November2022 #Takeoff #December2022 #PopSmoke #January2023 #KingVon & #February2023 #MagnoliaShorty. We then doubled back to da city & featured #AntGlizzy #BarbaraSon, #BigFlock & #FatTrel in #March2023 & I sort of did a “scan the room”, checking to see if I was ready to get back to our regularly scheduled program, but it don’t look like the craziness is slowing down 🙄.

Therefore, we decided to show our local fallen artists some love & with that we have #23racks @23rackzs #Goonew #Goonew64 #LegendaryWick #Big64 #GoonRich @goonew64 & #Swipey #DirtySwipey @dirtyswipey Please remember that the quality of our magazines are NOT soft paper; easily ripped 😵‍💫. Instead, we have textbook soft cover styled items, meant to be kept & treasured for a lifetime. They can even be canvas framed. So, be on the lookout for our April 2023 drop & go grab a couple of our published prints as well 💯


After a lengthy #hiatus, #dmvstandup #dmvstandupwewinning will pay #tribute to the fallen artist #TakeOff, in the form of an entire #magazine dedicated to him. Which, chronologically exhibits the quiet, but effective, meaningful, purposeful & determined life he lived, loved & enjoyed 🚀🚀🚀

After this horrifying & senseless execution went viral; coupled with the gruesome scenes of other great talented artists, like: #FBGDuck, #YoungDolph, #KingVon, #Mo3, #PNBRock, #XXXTentacion, #PopSmoke so easily flooded the internet, I decided to back pedal on my efforts, task & assignment for a few ticks, while I try to grasp the concept of all these heinous deaths, that merely trend for a couple of days, then on to the next smh 🕊️

I’m numb, stagnated & baffled by it all & actually fearful to even highlight our babies from the #DMV, as they’re outta the way, for the most part & not a product of the “industry” chaos that’s been occurring & plaguing our culture, hearts & minds for the past 3 years. I said to myself, I’m good on trynna get them noticed, onna larger scale, just leave them be for now. Then, I wrestled with the fact that my promise; to do everything in my power, to help them level up, would be returned to me void & I had to weigh the odds, for which I decided to stick to the former for a while & refrain from showcasing local artists, until this irresponsible violence passes over 😩

In the interim, I’ll use the time to feature, showcase & pay tribute to the talented Kings & Queens, everywhere, who have left us too soon.

As always it’s still #SeeYouAtTheTOP


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#Yessirski DMVillains… Say it ain’t so 😳 We real got #AntGlizzy #BarbaraSon #TheREALBarbaraSon @therealbarbarason on our #March2023 cover. I’m so proud of him & his new #YouTube show #BarbaraSonTV… I don’t miss an episode & my mans & nem funny asf lol 😂… Especially when he incorporates @bigflock187 #BigFlock; together they’re absolutely hilarious lls 🤣. The #BEST thing about it all, is the fact that he’s low key putting da DMV onna map & I’m fah sho fah sho here for it 🅿️eriod #Letgo 👌🥰❤️

#DMVillains charge this super dedoobpity late release to my team 🙄 on my Mama I was determined to dedicate the entire print to our good good mans #BarbaraSon #AntGlizzy but stup*d #SayCheese & other bloggers didn’t even put their interviews in blog form smh 😩 so, we have #BigFlock & #FatTrel onna roster 😵‍💫😬😵 let’s make it do what it do 🫡

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP

-Passion ❤️

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Ant Glizzy is an American rapper, who rose to prominence with the release of his hit songs on SoundCloud. He is best recognized for his hit singles “Computers Freestyle”, and “Having Fun”. Ant is the former business associate – (Glizzy Gang), of Grammy-nominated rapper, Shy Glizzy. As of 2022, Ant Glizzy net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousand.

Full Name: Anthony Evans Birth Date: February 28, 1992 Birth Place: Washington, DC, U. S.

Profession: Rapper Relationship Status: N/A Net Worth: $250 thousand

Big Flock Biography

Birthday: October 1, 1992 – now age 30 years in 2023. Who is it: RAPPER

Zodiac sign: Libra – Balanced and diplomatic. Rarely show emotions, leaving all experiences inside, and try to maintain good relations with everyone. They are amorous and aesthetic, subtly feel the beauty of the world around them, intolerant of rudeness and bad taste

Charles Bowman Bey also known as Big Flock is the heart, mind, body and soul of Maryland and especially when you think of rap music. Big Flock was Born October 1,1992 in Camp Springs, MD. Big Flock started rapping at 11 years of age, by using a tape recorder to record his first few rap songs. At the age of 18, Big Flock started to take music seriously. One of his friends had just purchased a mic and laptop and the journey began. By the time he was 20, Trilluminati (55k downloads) was produced and released on March 8th, 2013. Later that winter/early spring Big Flock was incarcerated. Due to his recent incarceration, Flock wasn’t even aware that his music was starting to grow but him not being able to make more music just made him hungrier

Martrel Reeves (born June 26, 1990), better known by his stage name Fat Trel, is an American rapper. He is currently signed to MGE The Label with distribution of Asylum Records. He was signed to DTLA Records with the distribution with Beryl Media, and was also signed to Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records. From 2009 to 2016, Reeves released solo mixtapes every year

Musical career

2011–12: Career beginnings

In 2011, Fat Trel released “Respect With The Tec” produced by Lex Luger. He was selected to perform with Juicy J, Smoke DZA and Joey Badass.

In 2012, Fat Trel released the mixtape Nightmare on E Street featuring Kirko Bangz, Cuz Quette, Red Café, Rick Ross and Big K.R.I.T. and also worked with Chief Keef on “Russian Roulette”. Fat Trel then joined Master P’s Louie V Mob along with Alley Boy. Master P, Fat Trel and Alley Boy released a free mixtape as Louie V Mob on February 12, 2013, titled New World Order. In addition to Master P, Trel and Alley, the tape also features guest appearances by Gucci Mane, E-40 and other artists. On August 19, 2013, Fat Trel released SDMG (which stands for “Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns”). The mixtape features guest appearances by Wale, Black Cobain, Magazeen, Smoke DZA, Danny Brown, YG, Red Café and others. The production was handled by Young Chop, Cardo, Harry Fraud, DJ Mustard and others.

2013–2014: Signing with Rick Ross and Gleesh

On November 6, 2013, MMG announced that they had signed Fat Trel. Fat Trel released his first project on MMG, Gleesh on April 1, 2014. Gleesh is a 15-track mixtape with guest appearances from Rick Ross, Wale, Rockie Fresh, Tracy T, Stalley and others, with production from All Star, Harry Fraud, Young Chop and others. Ultimately, Gleesh would be the only project Fat Trel released with MMG

2015–17: Georgetown, Muva Russia and SDMG 2

Fat Trel released his mixtape, Georgetown on June 9, 2015. The mixtape is a 16-track mixtape with guest appearances from Wale, Rick Ross, and Fetty Wap, among others. On December 25, 2015 on Christmas Day, Fat Trel released another mixtape called Muva Russia with Trap-A-Holics. The mixtape serves as Trel’s second project of 2015. On June 28, 2016, Fat Trel released his mixtape, SDMG 2. The mixtape served as a sequel to his 2013 mixtape SDMG.

On January 27, 2017, Trel teamed up with his MMG labelmate Yowda, and they released a mixtape titled Fat & Ugly. On April 1, 2017, he released a song titled “Rain” featuring American rapper Lil Durk. On July 27, 2017 he released another single called “Bachelor”.

Trel released a single called “F**k 12” on October 21, 2017. The song was produced by his frequent collaborator, Yung Lan. This marks his first song since his release from jail. He released a music video for the song on November 3, 2017, on his YouTube page. He later announced that his next project, titled Finally Free, will be released soon

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“When Drake sang, ‘Kiki, do you love me?’ it was so perfect for Magnolia Shorty to come in, ‘You’re the only one I love’ ”.

The official video for “In My Feelings” was filmed in New Orleans in July. The storyline revolves around a dream Drake has about being a New Orleans rapper, complete with a grill on his teeth. Big Freedia & Saints running back Alvin Kamara make cameo appearances.

We lost a legend. Someone who was widely loved in New Orleans. Her services were paid for by Cash Money & the whole team went to pay their respects. There were over 2,500 people in & around the church. Her music stood the test of time. She’s been featured on “Wobble Up” by Chris Brown.

Her song “Gimmi Gimmi” ft. Big Freedia is sampled in “Can’t stop won’t stop” by King Combs ft Kodak Black

Her song “Monkey Pt. 2” is sampled in “Throw Fits” by London on Da Track, G-Eazy, City Girls & Juvenile.

Take it Slow” by dvsn samples “That’s my Juvie”.

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Dayvon Daquan Bennett (August 9, 1994 – November 6, 2020), known professionally as King Von, was an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was signed to Lil Durk‘s record label Only the Family and Empire Distribution.

Bennett was born on August 9, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. He had six half-siblings from his father, Walter E. Bennett, and three siblings from his mother, Taesha. He was raised mostly by his mother, as his father was in and out of his life due to incarcerations. When Von was 11 years old his father was killed by gunfire. Von would later pay tribute to his father in multiple songs, notably in the song “Exposing Me“.

At age 16, Von went to jail for the first time. In 2014, he was charged with one count of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in connection with a shooting where a person named Malcolm Stuckey was killed and two others injured. He was acquitted of all charges. He began focusing on his music career, collaborating with Lil Durk. Before his arrest for the charges, Von attended South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois, and earned some college credits. He earned his GED while in juvenile detention. During this time, he joined the Black Disciples street gang.

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The day before his murder, Jackson and friend Michael Durodola posted several images on social media, including one in which Mellencamp’s home address can be seen in the background. The rapper also posted a story on Instagram and Facebook of gifts he had received. One showed the house’s full address on the packaging, giving out its location.

Jackson’s body was originally planned to be buried at the Cypress Hills Cemetery but was later changed to GreenWood Cemetery. Family, friends, and fans of Jackson gathered in his hometown of Canarsie, Brooklyn, to show their respects. His casket was pulled in a horse-drawn carriage and was surrounded by glass windows and white curtains. On September 11, 2021, it was discovered that his grave site was vandalized, with the headstone smashed.

On July 9, 2020, three adult men and two minors were arrested for the murder of the rapper. One of the adult suspects has been charged with murder with a special circumstance that alleged the killing was committed “during the commission of a robbery and a burglary”, and another charged with attempted murder. The two juveniles were charged with murder and robbery in juvenile court. As California law requires a minor to be at least 16 at the time of the crime, the 15-year-old could not be tried as an adult; and, under George Gascón’s policy to keep all juveniles in juvenile court, the 17-year-old could not be tried as an adult, either.


Jackson’s parents, Audrey and Greg Jackson, shared memories of their son before saying how gun violence took him away from them.

“On February 19th, at 4:00 AM, a gun was used to take my son from me. You know him as Pop Smoke, we called him ‘Shar’. Because of gun violence, I’ll never see my son run up the front of our steps, taking them two at a time; he won’t ever take my hands again and dance with me; he won’t come into my room and muscle pose in the mirror. Gun violence destroys families. It must stop.” — Audrey Jackson during a “Gun Violence Destroys Families” public service announcement

Danny Schwartz wrote in The Ringer that “Pop Smoke conquered New York rap and gave the city the kind of readymade and potentially defining star it hadn’t seen in years”. He claimed that “in New York City city, ‘Welcome to the Party’ was more omnipresent than hits like ‘Old Town Road’.”

Jackson’s work ethic was widely praised by his peers in the music industry. The executive producer of his posthumous album, 50 Cent, revealed Smoke was always “writing what said down” on his telephone, while Quavo added he “felt like [he] was talking to somebody that had been in the game for three years already”.

Producer Rico Beats stated that, in his last few months, Jackson started “telling kids, don’t go the gang route”, wanting to “be a better person”. A few months after his death, his family announced the creation of Shoot for the Stars, a foundation Jackson had planned to create prior to his death, with the goal of helping and inspiring inner-city youth.

After his death, several murals of him were created in Canarsie. Although his lyrics do not generally contend with police brutality or racism, his songs, particularly “Dior”, were popularly used during the George Floyd protests in New York City as a symbol of resistance

Meet the Woo Tour

The Meet the Woo Tour was scheduled to be the debut headlining concert tour by Pop Smoke. It was launched in support of his two mixtapes, Meet the Woo (2019) and Meet the Woo 2 (2020), and had been set to consist of concerts in North America and the United Kingdom.

The tour was announced in January 2020, with dates being released at the same time. Pop Smoke later added more UK tour dates after high demand from fans. The tour was canceled after Pop Smoke was shot and killed.

Tour dates were released on the same day for North America, while dates for the United Kingdom were revealed in February. Due to high demand from fans, more tour dates for the UK were revealed on February 13, 2020. Pop Smoke shared a promotional flyer for the tour on social media. Pop Smoke and his team were planning on finishing, mixing, and mastering his debut studio album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, starting the first week of March 2020.

In an interview with Revolt, Pop Smoke’s DJ Jeffrey Archer talked about the tour. “Honestly, it’s nothing planned yet. We just got those dates. This is officially going to be our first real big tour. This is going to be a month. I’m very excited about it. We’re going to a few places we’ve never been to. We’ve been getting feedback over the last seven months [from] fans like, ‘Please come out here.’ There are loyal fans at these shows. You should expect a lot more music and shows. He has a lot of music coming out with a lot of artists. He’s not playing. We’re definitely shaking the room in 2020.”

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