Sister Sistah Connection

This page is dedicated to myself and my 3 daughters… Every outing we experience together, along with our special times together; during holidays, as well, will be posted here.

Every now and again, with permission, I’ll do other mother/daughter cameos… To exemplify, the importance of sticking together, no matter what.

I won’t dare, make it seem like it’s been preachy cream, because that’s simply the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, we all have been estranged from one another, more times than we should have. But, Mama Bear will always do whatever is necessary, to rekindle the relationship.

Also, in dedication to us, I wrote my second book, titled “Sister Sistah Connection, Breaking the Generational Curse”

My second book – Paulette “Passion” Williams (Author)

I’m the baby of seven, 5 sisters, but we never had a relationship, and I was determined that that wouldn’t happen with my girls and I. However, life happens to all of us, and things have gotten pretty bad, on more than one occasion. But, guess what, it’s trips we take together or the get togethers we enjoy, that outweighs any troublesome time.

Here are my girls, in order:

Twinkles 36

My ride or die, this child was with me since I was 15, we grew up together, then raised my last 3 babies together #ThankYou

Chocolate 29

My mini me through and through, she looks exactly like me, when I was an adolescent, and acts just like me 🅿️eriod.

Noodles 27

Lawd 😩 who would ever think, the baby would actuality be the Matriarch lol 😂 she’s out go to for every trip, and to organize family outings and kick backs, otherwise there’d be no family orientation smh 🤦🏽‍♀️