Homeless, heart heavy, mind confused and eyes pouring with tears!!!

This Ministry is POWERFUL and the devil is so fearful that he really caused me to sleep on the streets last night, and I’m still going forward with and for Christ!!!

Because he did that, God is simply going to give me something better, and it’ll be mine!

I’m human, and it’s hurting me; so the tears are natural… It in Nooooooo way states that I don’t believe God will come through for me. I know He’s setting everything in order right now.

Moreover, I’m thankful I still have my job and transportation… Eating is a little rough, but that too will change.

When I was just a babe in Christ, a renowned preacher by the name of Juanita Bynum gave her testimony about getting close to God and doing His will and having the adversary take her through brutal changes time after time. But, she held fast to Christ and continued on regardless. That’s the only thing I can see as the reason so many horrific things are coming against me. The fact that God laid it on my heart to start this Ministry.

The devil wants to make sure I have not only no stable place to diligently work with the Ministry, but also make my own personal life sooooooo chaotic that I can’t even think straight enough to put anything together SMH.

I won’t give up, if it means using public Wi-Fi spots to do all the things necessary, I’m willing to do it. Only what we do for Christ will last. God always takes what the devil plans for bad and turns it into a magnificent Blessing in our lives… When I’m weak He’s then strong for me… I will survive this and it’s merely another portion of the testimony God is giving me.

Stand with me in Prayer… Thanx bunches!!!

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


35 thoughts on “Homeless, heart heavy, mind confused and eyes pouring with tears!!!

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    To all of my followers, viewers and the like, please join me in sending the most powerful of prayers to God, for my sister in Christ, Paulette!! She, like I have, is suffering from an abundance of wickedness, including homelessness and food insecurity! Her heart is true and pure, as gold. Her love for God, even purer! We all know what it’s like to face hardships, no matter how big or small. We also know how isolated and alone we can feel during those times. PLEASE help her feel supported by God’s love and faith, if only through Spirit and the web. Send her the much needed love, support and understanding she deserves! God bless you sister, Paulette! And God bless all of you who are open to God’s will, to share in her struggle and pain, as He would in yours! Amen! And A’se!

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    1. Awwwwww thank you sooooooo much sis, and the outpour of love I received after this was unimaginable… I love you to the moon and back. Likewise, to all who hearkened unto the lead of God… May Heaven continue to smile upon each of you… God is well pleased trust me, because I definitely was. And His Word states “… the good you do unto the least of Mine, you do it unto Me” Thanx, thanks, then THANX again!!!

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      1. I am honored and obliged to support your spirit in its journey and your ministry in its purpose, in any way I can. I can only look forward to the day the Lord blesses us both to do so much more!! I love you eternally, sis!! As usual, I am forever praying for you and sending all the blessed hugs and love I can! God bless your Godly spirit! AMEN!! <3!

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    1. I have to be, the enemy gets confused when you Praise God even while in turmoil… And God inhabits the Praises of His people. I know for sure He has a plan in all I’m enduring… Be Blessed


  2. Praying for you! God is using you for his divine purpose! No devil can take what God has for you! Believe that! God bless you. Keep your trust in God.

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  3. Every disciple will go through a time such as this. My wife and I went through a dreadful time where we lost our home, vehicles, all our possessions, and jobs in short order for no apparent reason. We ended up homeless and hitchhiking. We tented that first night in a blizzard. Almighty was able to pick us up from there through a series of miracles that came us shortly after that. It is amazing to look back upon that time now! Almost wondrous! It was impossible in natural terms, but once you’re in one of these positions you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing The Most High cannot do.

    Your ministry is on track to go forward.

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    1. God is beyond awesome, first because I was sooooooo apprehensive to even share my current situation, and just look at the outpour of testimonies… Keep em coming, God loves when we delight in Him

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  4. Prayers up, blessings down. I was homeless once and I found shelter in my car but God saw me through. I may be there again as I go through my transformation with God but my sister I come to say this (STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH). The devil when he knows you’re working for the Lord. It’s confirmation that God is leading you to a wonderful testimony. As I write this to you I have lost my transportation, have no income, bills are stacking up and no way to pay them, I can’t work due to surgery and lack of transportation but my job awaits. A job I should have been terminated from months ago. I know God has a calling on my life and if I’m focused on the journey that God has laid out for me I know the devil is coming against me at every angle. My sister God is with you during this journey and he will take care of you. Everything the devil is trying to use to break you God will use to lift you. Every thing he takes God will multiply. Continue your mission and humble your heart, you are FAVORED. You are the Daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD, your blessing is coming, your breakthrough is near. God can change your circumstances SUDDENLY. Stay strong my sister because this battle is not yours, it’s the Lord. Yout just readjust your crown because you’re royalty……

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    1. Just because you allowed God to use you and be transparent and a help meet for me, trust that your Blessings are already on the way. The enemy has Nooooooo power anymore and more people are taking stands for Christ and he can’t handle it. Every last one of us will be OK and I know this deep in my heart… Stay strong and watch God work.

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      1. Brothers and sisters in Faith must stand together and lift each other for the Love and Devotion of Our FATHER! Together we can defeat this world and rebuke the devil’s intentions for our lives. United in CHRIST

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        1. And that’s exactly what God is purposely doing amongst His people through Social Media. Every time I have an issue, and blog about it, my sisters and brothers come quick with words of encouragement and Prayer… Let’s keep it going

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