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I’m so proud of him & his new #YouTube show #BarbaraSonTV… I don’t miss an episode & my mans & nem funny asf lol 😂…

Especially when he incorporates @bigflock187 #BigFlock; together they’re absolutely hilarious lls 🤣.

The #BEST thing about it all, is the fact that he’s low key putting da DMV onna map & I’m fah sho fah sho here for it 🅿️eriod #Letgo 👌🥰❤️

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“When Drake sang, ‘Kiki, do you love me?’ it was so perfect for Magnolia Shorty to come in, ‘You’re the only one I love’ ”.

The official video for “In My Feelings” was filmed in New Orleans in July. The storyline revolves around a dream Drake has about being a New Orleans rapper, complete with a grill on his teeth. Big Freedia & Saints running back Alvin Kamara make cameo appearances.

We lost a legend. Someone who was widely loved in New Orleans. Her services were paid for by Cash Money & the whole team went to pay their respects. There were over 2,500 people in & around the church. Her music stood the test of time. She’s been featured on “Wobble Up” by Chris Brown.

Her song “Gimmi Gimmi” ft. Big Freedia is sampled in “Can’t stop won’t stop” by King Combs ft Kodak Black

Her song “Monkey Pt. 2” is sampled in “Throw Fits” by London on Da Track, G-Eazy, City Girls & Juvenile.

Take it Slow” by dvsn samples “That’s my Juvie”.

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Dayvon Daquan Bennett (August 9, 1994 – November 6, 2020), known professionally as King Von, was an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was signed to Lil Durk‘s record label Only the Family and Empire Distribution.

Bennett was born on August 9, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. He had six half-siblings from his father, Walter E. Bennett, and three siblings from his mother, Taesha. He was raised mostly by his mother, as his father was in and out of his life due to incarcerations. When Von was 11 years old his father was killed by gunfire. Von would later pay tribute to his father in multiple songs, notably in the song “Exposing Me“.

At age 16, Von went to jail for the first time. In 2014, he was charged with one count of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in connection with a shooting where a person named Malcolm Stuckey was killed and two others injured. He was acquitted of all charges. He began focusing on his music career, collaborating with Lil Durk. Before his arrest for the charges, Von attended South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois, and earned some college credits. He earned his GED while in juvenile detention. During this time, he joined the Black Disciples street gang.

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#Yessirski just in time for the #NewYear we’re dropping this exclusive #memorabilia for our #favorite #rapper #PopSmoke link inna bio #RunItUp

The day before his murder, Jackson and friend Michael Durodola posted several images on social media, including one in which Mellencamp’s home address can be seen in the background. The rapper also posted a story on Instagram and Facebook of gifts he had received. One showed the house’s full address on the packaging, giving out its location.

Jackson’s body was originally planned to be buried at the Cypress Hills Cemetery but was later changed to GreenWood Cemetery. Family, friends, and fans of Jackson gathered in his hometown of Canarsie, Brooklyn, to show their respects. His casket was pulled in a horse-drawn carriage and was surrounded by glass windows and white curtains. On September 11, 2021, it was discovered that his grave site was vandalized, with the headstone smashed.

On July 9, 2020, three adult men and two minors were arrested for the murder of the rapper. One of the adult suspects has been charged with murder with a special circumstance that alleged the killing was committed “during the commission of a robbery and a burglary”, and another charged with attempted murder. The two juveniles were charged with murder and robbery in juvenile court. As California law requires a minor to be at least 16 at the time of the crime, the 15-year-old could not be tried as an adult; and, under George Gascón’s policy to keep all juveniles in juvenile court, the 17-year-old could not be tried as an adult, either.


Jackson’s parents, Audrey and Greg Jackson, shared memories of their son before saying how gun violence took him away from them.

“On February 19th, at 4:00 AM, a gun was used to take my son from me. You know him as Pop Smoke, we called him ‘Shar’. Because of gun violence, I’ll never see my son run up the front of our steps, taking them two at a time; he won’t ever take my hands again and dance with me; he won’t come into my room and muscle pose in the mirror. Gun violence destroys families. It must stop.” — Audrey Jackson during a “Gun Violence Destroys Families” public service announcement

Danny Schwartz wrote in The Ringer that “Pop Smoke conquered New York rap and gave the city the kind of readymade and potentially defining star it hadn’t seen in years”. He claimed that “in New York City city, ‘Welcome to the Party’ was more omnipresent than hits like ‘Old Town Road’.”

Jackson’s work ethic was widely praised by his peers in the music industry. The executive producer of his posthumous album, 50 Cent, revealed Smoke was always “writing what said down” on his telephone, while Quavo added he “felt like [he] was talking to somebody that had been in the game for three years already”.

Producer Rico Beats stated that, in his last few months, Jackson started “telling kids, don’t go the gang route”, wanting to “be a better person”. A few months after his death, his family announced the creation of Shoot for the Stars, a foundation Jackson had planned to create prior to his death, with the goal of helping and inspiring inner-city youth.

After his death, several murals of him were created in Canarsie. Although his lyrics do not generally contend with police brutality or racism, his songs, particularly “Dior”, were popularly used during the George Floyd protests in New York City as a symbol of resistance

Meet the Woo Tour

The Meet the Woo Tour was scheduled to be the debut headlining concert tour by Pop Smoke. It was launched in support of his two mixtapes, Meet the Woo (2019) and Meet the Woo 2 (2020), and had been set to consist of concerts in North America and the United Kingdom.

The tour was announced in January 2020, with dates being released at the same time. Pop Smoke later added more UK tour dates after high demand from fans. The tour was canceled after Pop Smoke was shot and killed.

Tour dates were released on the same day for North America, while dates for the United Kingdom were revealed in February. Due to high demand from fans, more tour dates for the UK were revealed on February 13, 2020. Pop Smoke shared a promotional flyer for the tour on social media. Pop Smoke and his team were planning on finishing, mixing, and mastering his debut studio album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, starting the first week of March 2020.

In an interview with Revolt, Pop Smoke’s DJ Jeffrey Archer talked about the tour. “Honestly, it’s nothing planned yet. We just got those dates. This is officially going to be our first real big tour. This is going to be a month. I’m very excited about it. We’re going to a few places we’ve never been to. We’ve been getting feedback over the last seven months [from] fans like, ‘Please come out here.’ There are loyal fans at these shows. You should expect a lot more music and shows. He has a lot of music coming out with a lot of artists. He’s not playing. We’re definitely shaking the room in 2020.”

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Bashar Barakah Jackson

July 20, 1999 – February 19, 2020

Pop Smoke began his musical career in 2018 with his single “MPR“. He rose to fame with “Welcome to the Party” & “Dior” in 2019.

Following his rise to fame, Rico Beats introduced him to Steven Victor, where he signed a recording contract with, Victor Victor Worldwide & Republic Records. He released his debut mixtape Meet the Woo in July 2019.

His second mixtape, Meet the Woo 2, was released on February 7, 2020 & debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200, becoming the rapper’s first top-10 project in the United States.

Less than two weeks after the mixtape’s release, Pop Smoke was murdered during a home invasion in Los Angeles. New York rapper 50 Cent was the executive producer of his posthumous debut studio album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, released on July 3, 2020.

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Sidebar: Let’s stand for something TOGETHER or ignore the crazy gun violence occurring onna regular basis, subsequently falling for anything 😡

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SRO Tyler McRae Should Not Be Working As An Officer & Should Be Charged Criminally NOW!!!


Disturbing video shows school resource officer grabbing student by the NECK, pulling on his HAIR and dragging him down gym’s bleachers after opting out of kickball, because he was feeling sick’

Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett, who overlooks McRae’s position as a school resource officer/deputy, said he was notified immediately after the incident and says he intends to carefully review the case.

“I understand this is a sensitive issue to many in our community,” Garrett said in a September 20 statement; while guaranteeing the release of the bodycam footage.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Meanwhile, the Chattanooga Clergy for Justice is demanding Sheriff Garrett to remove McRae from his position immediately.

The organization continued: ‘He was removed from the streets *(present at a controversial strip search) and put over the care of our children. Why was this officer ever placed as an SRO at a school? No child, regardless of age, should feel unsafe in school.’

“Earlier today, we heard from the students at East Ridge High School, during a peaceful and respectful student-led demonstration, in the school’s football stadium,” school officials wrote.

Tauris Sledge, 18, was pushed and pulled around by a Tennessee officer at East Ridge High School after refusing to leave the school gym on September 20.

Hamilton County School Resource Deputy Tyler McRae first attempted to intervene in between an argument with Sledge and his PE coach before the situation escalated

Sledge told his coach multiple times he was unwell to play kickball and grew frustrated after repeatedly attempting to explain his situation

The student then attempted to walk away from McRae, before being grabbed by the neck minutes later, after Sledge refused to exit the gym, afterwards the student was pepper sprayed in the face, to the point where he couldn’t breathe. You’re still going to resist? McRae questioned. You want some more dude? That’s fine cause I have a whole can.” “Why are you harassing me, Sledge said, while yelping in agony. I can’t breathe.”

Sledge was unresponsive for several seconds as McRae pulled him to the group, and attempted to yank off his backpack.

Later, these words were exchanged:

Get your hand off me,’ Sledge responded, as some students lingered on the bleachers, and others played basketball. ‘You got five seconds to get your hands off me.’

“What the f**k are you going to do, McRae said. Smh 😩

I ask EVERYONE, who’s sickened & outraged by all of the gut wrenching awful clips; that’s all over the web, to please not only sign this petition, asking for Sherrif Austin Garrett to not only terminate Officer McRae, but to open up an investigation, through Internal Affairs; where all of his skeletons can be exposed & we ask District Attorney Coty Wamp to please lodge whatever fitting criminal charges against him as well.

Adults shouldn’t even be treated so crude, make less a teenager, who’s repeatedly screaming “I’m not resisting”. Coupled with the fact that he was ever so careful to make sure that his peers was filming the officer’s traumatizing, humiliating & uncalled for beat down & I thank each student, who participated in the “walk out”, in support of Tauris.

Everything happens for a reason, no doubt & grant it, Tauris was wrong for cursing and being so angry, I will admit that. However, without a shadow of doubt, the way the officer swung him by his hair and sprayed him in his face, with pepper spray, was totally excessive & didn’t only appear to be coming from a personal place of hate; but it really seems like he’s in the wrong line of work altogether.

Just my opinion, but could there be a silent lil sneaky vendetta in the air? Being as I’m sure he weighs over 135 (mere guess), so to be swinging him by ONLY his hair is outrageous & it simply don’t look like the officer is able to hold up to the rules, regulations, job title, objectives, expectations, etc., of his current position; as it relates to “protect & serve”, considering how fast he went from 0 to 💯.

So, we’ll help you move on along & hopefully find your niche; perhaps MMA Fighting will suffice, who knows. But, one thing WE THE PEOPLE are completely sure of, is it ain’t the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, you gave them a black eye, as you represent them & your callous acts reflect on them poorly.

Yes, I see that he opted to “step down”. But, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We gon need you to leave the force 🅿️eriod 🔐 Before you get the chance to make one of our brown boys a statistic. Stick a fork in him … He’s DONE 😵‍💫

Tauris didn’t get to choose his outcome & was forced to undergo the most heinous amount of brutally imaginable; to the point that I’m surprised that there wasn’t already a petition circulating about your disgusting a**, then to add insult to injury, he wasn’t allowed to calmly leave with his dad smh 🤯. Instead, you had to meet your quota; I’m assuming & even if that wasn’t your motivation, you still further hurt this man, by unnecessarily hauling him off to jail. What is it with you guys being overly determined to be power driven?

To add, there’s mention of you (McRae), allegedly having other complaints (mentioned above) & I’m guessing that’s why you decided to return to regular patrol… NOT!

Those videos are extremely hard to watch period, so much that I actually shed a tear for that young man & you should really be ashamed of yourself.

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#Yessirski It’s official, our #Takeoff #specialedition #magazine has dropped & you can find the link in my #IG & #Twitter #instabio @dmv.standup🍃🕊️🍀

#Yessirski It’s official, our #Takeoff #specialedition #magazine has dropped & you can find the link in my #IG & #Twitter #instabio @dmv.standup🍃🕊️🍀

You don’t want to miss out on this all-inclusive issue, where we took our time & hand-picked the best tributes made to the fallen artist. No need to search for long periods of time, looking for which blogger/brand/journalist has the most informative article, as we’ve done the work for you already & created a #keepsake, that don’t merely focus on the incident that unfortunately caused his untimely demise, but we instead added quotes, poems & well wishes to him & his family; from all across the globe 🌍

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