Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/7/15 (DAY 19)


Woke up to car GONE… You talkin bout FURIOUS!!!

I lost the car“… Are you serious???

How your mates choice to indulge in illicit drugs creates unnecessary problems for the both of you.

Telling your grown children to live one way, but you settle for the things you’re trynna save them from… DOUBLE STANDARD

If you choose to put up with your mate… Don’t bagger them thereafter

Living with others is hard… Food issues arise, and everyone not buying household supplies… NOT FAIR

How my family is all of a sudden going through simultaneously SMH

My son’s up and coming rap career… My feelings about the uneasy content

How I want my children to get and keep my grandbabies before the face of God

How bad I want God to fall upon me on a daily basis… to help me serve Him correctly

We’re living in our last days… The signs are here… Get and/or keep yourself right in the eyes of God

My desires to be in full-time Ministry for the sake of my entire clan

Give God back His Word, He’s good to act on it, because He cannot and will not lie

Live a life of example in front of the youth around you, so that they’ll grow up successful

My husband trynna compare his wrongdoings with K2 to my old alcohol issues… Not the same!!!


3 thoughts on “Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/7/15 (DAY 19)

  1. Know how you feel about thinking people you care about most are going to hell. I have several in my life. When I studied hell recently I was so hurt about it I got mad at God. It took some praying and trust in God to let it go. We can only raise our children in a godly way then hope and pray they follow God too. Keep praying to God to change your son music to praise God…Don’t know what to say about husband, but I will pray God gives you guidance.

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    1. Thanks so much for the Prayers, and I surely will continue to Pray for ALL my wayward family. At one point they were sooooooo dedicated and into God… Getting connected with these new friends plays a big part in why they’ve strayed from fellowship. Nevertheless, I’m holding fast to God’s Word that states “… They won’t depart” and although it appears clearly, in the natural, that they’re too far gone; supernaturally I’m believing otherwise!!!

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