Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/8/15 (DAY 20)



Don’t beat yourself up when you feel like you’ve falling away from God, you’re actually still as close as before; if not closer

Love God with EVERYTHING in you, it’s sooooooooo rewarding

The Passion’s of Christ (Mel Gibson) wonderful movie… A must see

How God always brings us out, even from the things we bring on ourselves

TMOB (The Mouth of Babes) a Ministry I want to implement, to bring my grand babies closer to God

No matter your circumstances, you’re still expected to seek God regularly

Know that God still loves you even when you feel that you’re falling by the wayside

Get out the way, and allow God to change your wayward family member or love one

You don’t like traffic… leave early!!!


12 thoughts on “Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/8/15 (DAY 20)

  1. I spend time with my nieces one on one. We talk about what going on in their lives. Where I can I talk about God… Don’t worry about people thinking you’re crazy talking to yourself in the car and talk to God anyway. I walk and talk to God and I know people think I’ll crazy. Then again I might be a little crazy anyway. :-)….Headphones are great that’s how I listen to you sitting at my PC….Glad you are happy today. You look nice, I like your shirt. Take care. I’ll keep praying.

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    1. Thanx bunches, you really made me smile and gave me several pointers and wonderful ideas… Much appreciated and you’re right, I’m happy in the Lord, and your continual support means the world to me.

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