Backlash… Shaking in my boots… Now what???????

Last night was a hot mess, and I’m angered that I allowed myself to be bullied like I did SMH!!!

But, I was driving, it was hard and illegal to text the reply, and I promised myself andwith that I’d be quick to listen, slow to speak and surely slow to anger, if ever. Then I remembered I can be angry… So long as I sin NOT. Which means I have to confront this wisely, not apologetic for the things I’m boutta go in about; I just gotta be respectful… Now, here goes nuttin!!!

Alone No More is a ministry that God inspired me to form, due to the struggles I endured and eventually overcame, with His love, support and HHHEEEELLLLPPPP. The ministry will offer assistance to those contemplating suicide, but at Nooooooo time will any who’s not qualified with state provided licenses or other credentials ever claim to be a professional in that realm… But, I gotta say that one don’t always have to have a degree to counsel another, because several people in my Church that counsels regularly has Neeeeeevvvveeerr walked through the doors of a university, that’s why I emphasized “in that realm” to magnify the fact that my experiencing their trauma firsthand and being delivered from it umpteen times, surely I gathered lessons and walked away each time more wiser than when it began beginning some 13 years ago.

Of course, to keep in line with state requirements, guidelines, rules and regulations, I’m sure I’ll have to display, and if verbal audible disclose that everyone the interested parties work with aren’t tainted professionals, but it’s THEIR choice to accept Prayer from a person who doesn’t have a degree… It just sounds so ridiculous if we have to do that, and I’m not even sure if I’ll have to. But, her comment last night just has me thinking of all the things we may encounter, and it’s better to have it occur now, before we’re fully online and working incorrectly with God’s people.

I can clearly understand the part about letting everyone know we’re not doctors or trained therapists… Gotcha!!! But, since when is wrong to Pray with receptive adults… Now, on my page it does state that God will use me to help people, and before getting this message last night I’d hoped He would… I just think my experiences and Godly knowledge should be sufficient… But, I don’t wanna mislead anyone or risk criminal or civil litigation.

I sure hope some who either have this same type of ministry would reply and let me know my constraints and limitations if any… Just so I’ll feel better. No doubt, even if I can’t interact with the hurting directly, that won’t stop the implementation of the Ministry… Nooooooo indeed!!! It ain’t about me, it’s about hurting people getting the love, care, concern and compassion they so need and desire!!!

I can’t believe I punked out last night though… Nah, I’m kidding I know I handled it well, and I’m fully prepared for more opposing people who will criticize my Vision and even express, yes it’s for a worthy cause, but never attempt to do something different their way, however, it don’t matter, just so help is provided.

Can’t wait to publish this… I’m anxious to know just how valid last night’s comment really was SMH… Thanx bunches guys.

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


10 thoughts on “Backlash… Shaking in my boots… Now what???????

  1. Hello, after reading this I would like to say I have endured a lot in my life from rape, molestation, suicide and etc. I feel now God has put a calling on me to share my stories and to help others who may be going through the same things. I don’t know the whole story about what your post is referring to but I commend you on following the path the Lord has laid out for you and he will equip you to do the job. I only wish I would have had others to reach out to when I was going through my ordeal but God has brought me a long way and I will forever praise him and all his promises. I am not a degree professional but sometimes people don’t need a professional they need someone who can relate. I spent forever telling my story to professionals only to find myself even more damaged than before by reliving the experience and not really channeling my emotions into something better. It was the ones who could relate that helped me deal with all I had endured and a lot of prayers for God to guide me. Continue to pray and let God guide you!

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    1. Thanx for sharing and my deepest apologies for all you went through. This is confirmation that I’m on the right path, and I’m determined not to lose focus either… Glad you’re okay enough to help others and I do encourage you with everything in me to allow your testimony to be heard… There’s many who need to hear how God brought you through, and that’ll cause them to trust in Him as well.

      May God continue to Bless you and yours and Heaven forever smile upon you.

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  2. There is always going to be someone who don’t like what you are doing. I believe anyone doing anything christian gets double the backlash. I’d think more of the positiveness you will be bringing into other peoples lives than the few who want to be negative nancys.

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    1. My same thoughts!!! That’s why it was so shocking when I really read what she was saying. Because she first started applauding the ministry, then she switched up on me… It’s disheartening when you’re doing good to have people be mean to you. But, that just amps me even more into moving forward for Christ… Thanx luv πŸ™‚


  3. If God called you to do something, He already qualified you to do it. If you obey His will and do as He instructs, He’ll see you through. There will always be adversaries trying to keep us from living in our purpose and fulfilling God’s plan for our lives, but if you stay strong and keep moving forward, He will protect. Don’t let the enemy steal what God wants to do in your life and the lives of others through you. Go for it. If God is for you, who can be against you? (Romans 8:28-31)❀

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