Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/9/15 (DAY 21)


Hubby been lovey dovey lately… That’s all well and fine, except for the fact that it cut into my planned study time SMH

Cured my seafood cravings… Huge payout though! Next time I’ll be cookin at home for sure.

Continue to Pray, even if God seems to be far away or simply not hearing you

“Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be open unto you, and Ask and you shall receive”

I thank each of you for the wonderful comments, compliments, Prayers and marvelous words of encouragement

Remember: If you’re going through anything, find someone who’s experiencing your same pain, and Pray them through

God is wonderful… He delivered my husband totally from K2, and many others as well… Hallelujah!!!

Wait on God… Don’t rush Him. He knows what’s best for us, and will com through in His time

Don’t be mean and vindictive towards anyone, make less family who’s helping you… God don’t like ugly

Let God make amends between you and the very person who hurt you the worst

Da Ugly Ducklin came to be because of my dysfunctional family, and the lack of communication between us


10 thoughts on “Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/9/15 (DAY 21)

        1. Mmmmm is right… I could eat seafood seven days a week lol, and one of my granddaughters is the same way. It’s gon be a fight between us when that fruitful day arrives, and her cute Lil puppy dog eyes may cause her to win.


  1. Thank you for such amazing words, this is exactly what I needed to hear tonight.

    Letting God make the amends and/or guide me through them seems a lot better than the approaches I’ve been taking lately.

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    1. Yes indeed, releasing it ALL over to Him works out better every time. Especially when it’s dealing with a stubborn or outlandishly rude individual… We deftly need His intercession!


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