My failure to discern SMH… Daddy, draw me nearer

I hate the fact that I haven’t fully gotten to the place where I can totally ween out the devil being able to trick me… I wanna know that I know that I shonuff KNOW that the voices, unctions and leadings I receive daily are ALL my Daddy… If not, I run the risk of acting out inappropriately and making decisions based on my flesh and/or human desires.

Yes, I must live in this bbody. But, my hugest desire is to die to self, and walk out my life in the supernatural, to the point that I hear from God in every aspect of my life, and make minimal to no mistakes each day. Now, of course I realize I’ll never be perfect, and that’s fine. But, being Blessed with discernment helps you live a Godly life not to the best of your ability. Rather, to the best of His ability, as you allow the Holy Spirit to have total control of your thought process. It’ll amaze you how you’ll notice things outwardly and inwardly changing about you. The old way you use to handle issues will become a figment of your imagination.

I can’t take rejection, so anytime someone upset me, I have a bad habit of alienating them and that’s horrible, they’ll try to make Peace, but the built up frustration inside caused me to keep them away from me for days on in. Today though, I’m actively letting God show me how to interact with people better, and help me accept the fact that I cannot get my way all the time, and can’t isolate myself every time things get me mad.

Even I’m my marriage SMH, my husband just reminded me of how I’ve done him in the past two years and how hurtful things have been ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh… I feel sooooooo bad (((TEARS))). Nonetheless, with me being able to discern more effectively, the enemy won’t be able to trick me any longer and ultimately I’ll end up being a more pleasant person to be around and I’ll eventually know how to give and receive the love God has placed in me to share and benefit from.


11 thoughts on “My failure to discern SMH… Daddy, draw me nearer

  1. Thank you for the reminder that we are NOT perfect, indeed! Mistakes are abundant in the life of a human…PTL that we have a Savior to fall on instead of our own selves!

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  2. Praying for you as you continue to draw closer to our heavenly Father. He promises to reward those who seek Him and to bring wisdom to those who ask. Thanks for liking my blog. I hope you enjoy The Encourager’s Devotional Series.

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  3. This post makes me think of what Paul wrote about not doing the things I should do and doing the things that I hate. Without the Holy Spirit I don’t think we’re able to be victorious but thanks be to God that He gives His Spirit freely. Thanks for visiting the site hisnamebpraised and following the blog. Blessings to you in your writing and your journey in the Name of Christ. Doug

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  4. First and foremost I love the realness in your writing and it’s something I try to achieve in my posts..
    This hit home for me. Mr man and I have had a hard year in 2014 and we decided make a conscious effort to work on our relationship. To just let go and let god. Live the life he wanted for us. Thank you for this wonderful post ๐Ÿ’œ

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