Aunt Diane (Documentary)

This here show made me appreciate God more, simply because I have been delivered from alcohol and drugs. The events that played out in this documentary took me back to some miserable places in my life, and the tears I shed weren’t sad ones, but rather for the joyous fact that I’ll Neeeeeevvvveeerr undergo nor put myself through turmoil anymore.

Multiple DUI’s didn’t make me stop drinking and driving, and I could’ve killed one of my loving grand babies in 2010, driving erratically, at speeds reaching 91mph, I was a mess, and had no regard for human life whatsoever during this time. That’s why I can’t Praise God enough, I could be locked away for awhile or even ddddeeeeaaaadddd SMH… God is AWESOME, and He’s better to us then we are to ourselves.

Not to mention the marijuana addiction, I caused my baby daughter significant development delays at birth, but once again all Praise to God… Today she’s gainfully employed, out on her own and you wouldn’t even know she literally lived in a long term care facility for the first sixteen months if her life.

Back to the documentary… Without speculating about what actually happen that day and whether Diane intentionally took her life… One more again I have to PRAISE God for bringing me through 12 unsuccessful suicide attempts and fixing my life to the point where suicide will Neeeeeevvvveeerr be a thought that crosses my mind again. To add, there’s accusations that Daniel (her husband) was having an affair, and that led to her actions that day… God, You’re amazing, because I’ve dealt with and no longer bogged down with infidelity and adultery occurring in my marriage anymore… Daddy, You’re absolutely THE BEST!!!

But, we must seek His face and allow Him full reign in our lives, then all the issues we face He’ll handle shonuff!


4 thoughts on “Aunt Diane (Documentary)

  1. Love the post! you could have gone so negative in response to the documentary – ie poor me and if only and etc. Instead you used it to give glory and thanks to God and I think that is awesome!

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  2. 12 suicide attempts? It must have been disheartening to fail so much at failing… I too have kicked all my bad habits and nuns and even am on a health kick. I’m still a born looser though. I had one DUI on top of a clean record. and only drove five feet, and they took my license away forever. No matter. I take it with a grain of salt

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