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When God said forgive seventy times seven… Was adultery included? Does forgiveness mean allow him to come home? Note: keep in mind this ain’t something later found out about, this gentleman really pulled an all nighter with the other female!!! Follow me as I allow Christ to LEAD!!! Advertisements

Da UGLY Ducklin feels BEAUTIFUL

Words couldn’t convey the awesomeness I feel within… I mean my walk is different, my head is up opposed to always lookin down and somber… If I wasn’t sure I was filled with the Holy Spirit before… I’m beyond convinced now!!! Nothing or nobody could ever grant me such overwhelming peace, joy, happiness, and assurance… […]

Just what do you do when you have Nooooooo clue… SMH

Complaining coupled with depression… Is not pleasing to God at all!!! But, I’m a mess right now 😦 I’m trapped in this thick black fog, and see Nooooooo waaaaaayyyyyyy out, but I know it’s minutely a trick of the enemy, and he WON’T win! I will bounce BBBBAAAAACCCCCKKKKK, and snap out of this disgusting place. […]