Our FUTURES… Lead them correctly now and eventually FOLLOW them in their success!

“Train up a child in the way they should go…”

I don’t even attend church, so this is insignificant… WRONG!!! Your spiritual status has no bearing on your parental capabilities, you’re not minutely defined by whether you’re walking upright or not… Of course it’d be better if we all were grounded and rooted. However, certain instances beyond our control sometimes puts a damper on our being able to fellowship.

Nonetheless, there’s things we can do in our own capacities… Like encouraging them, praying with them or if they’re age appropriate, teach them how to pray for themselves. Don’t let them think praying to or relying on God is corny or makes one less than… In fact, find ways to explain to them that they must be leaders in this and every other aspect, and it’s OK to pray in their own personal spaces, if not comfortable with collective prayer amongst peers.

Do you know or have you even concerned yourself with their career dreams? If so… Great!!! Keep persevering along side them… Rooting for them every step of the way… And together you’ll be successful.

On the other hand, you’ve never talked to your baby in that manner, and more; they don’t even feel they can confide in you… Parents, the cray cray ends now… Wherever that child is, get him or her front and center and let them know newness begins for you guys, and you vow to be everything they long for.

Thrust our babies not only into this Nnnnnneeeeeeewwwwwww year with a better mindset, but also they’ll know… After that sentimental valuable time with my parent… Ain’t nothing I can’t conqueror, overcome nor endure, because they’re my backbones and instilling only the best in me.

Follow me as I allow Christ to LEAD!!!

Haaaappppyyyy New Year… Or nah???

Sooooooo, I have 364 days left to improve the way I feel inside and about life in general. No doubt, I’m unhappy! But, what’s missing? I mean, everything I assumed made me feel so terrible years ago no longer exists. In fact, some would haphazardly claim I’m living the american dream (man at home, children self sufficient, gainfully employed, health up to par) what else could anyone want or need?

My question exact!!! I have no clue what I’m experiencing, and that in itself is driving me crazy. Sorta like a catch 22 or should I say I’m dammed if I do or don’t geeeesssssshhhhh… How much longer till I rrreeesssttt??? It use to be “I can’t get no man, so I’m so sad” next suicidal thoughts creep in. Well, he’s doing his best and I’m still effin unhappy SMH ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh.

My children don’t call on nor depend on me like before, when I was able to lay blame to them for all my so call stress… Jesus, Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee step in, and lead, guide and direct me… If I’m the primary culprit for my own demise; I’m prepared to take full responsibility, and allow You to show me myself transparently. There’s gotta be a better waaaaaayyyyyyy, and I’m determined to find it!!!