Resist the devil and he will flee!!!

The pic is my only son’s only daughter, and she’s the other Mini Me I told you ALL about.. To me, she looks like the younger version of me, dimple and all. Then, the Lil chunky Mini Me, that just had a bday resembles me after I’ve put on a few extra pounds lol.

It feels sooooooo good to hear God, even to this day, tell me that I’m fearfully, marvelously and wonderfully made… In spite of what I’ve allowed to take place in my life… He don’t see me as the world does (Less than, trifling or hopeless).

In fact, my Daddy was already well aware of my current predicament, waaaaaayyyyyyy BBBBAAAAACCCCCKKKKK before I EVER came to be. Our Heavenly Father knew our futures before we took our first breath.

EVERY day allotted to each of was a part of God’s perfect plan, and He knew how each day would totally play out before the sun ever took its rightful place in the sky.

I can’t rush ANYTHING to happen when I’m solely depending on You Daddy, but rather it’s my responses to setbacks, holdups and utter disappointments that You’re measuring.

Will I continue to trust You, even when it looks like You’re outlandishly saying NO!!! What about when it feels as though You’re plain ole taking absolutely tooooooo long ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh!!! Yes indeed, because I know my help comes from You and You ALONE, and there’s nooooooo one else offering to or even able to help me right now.


16 thoughts on “Resist the devil and he will flee!!!

  1. I wonder if you were held back from making your call to the shelter for a reason. Maybe that other person was in a worse place and had more need at that moment. I don’t know. Things work to a plan we can’t know.
    Your in my heart and prayers.

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    1. That’s why I love ALL y’all… Each of you HHHEEEELLLLPPPP me to look at things from a different perspective and iiiiittttttttt nearly makes me cry, how y’all genuinely and earnestly CARE about me enough to take the time to send me well rounded and thought out encouragement. Thanx sooooooo much… God Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee Bless my sisters and brothers in Christ who put in quality time with me… To God be the Glory 🙂

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      1. He has His awesome way right now, by using you as an inspiration to all of us of little faith. Reading your posts makes me become better and more humble in my life. God is great and so are you, my friend x

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        1. Awwwwww thanx sooooooo much for your kind words… They mean the world to me, and are well needed at a time like this when I’m feeling real low and lonely. I was telling my boss earlier how I do sooooooo good to smile the mass majority of the time, when I’m doing my presentations or at work. Buuuuuutttttttt trust me I have times when I cry so hard that it sounds like a hiccup SMH.

          One thing for sure and two things for certain though… I Neeeeeevvvveeerr talk smack, out of anger, stress or frustration to God, because I have tooooooo much respect and gratitude for Him, and undoubtedly I know eventually He’s gonna blow my mind with the big ole beautiful home He gives me… Fully furnished, reasonable utility bills, a Prayer closet just the way I’ve been wanting… Now, I’m smiling again, because I’ve seen His miraculous Blessings before and it’s ALWAYS huge and lovely. Therefore, forgive me Father God for even one ounce of wining, murmuring and complaining. I love You Daddy and I love each of you too and thanx again for your encouraging words.

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          1. He understands us; I mean, even His Son said at one point: “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”. I think that these words uttered by Jesus prove that God can understand our anger, fear, frustration and doubt. We are humans, after all. It’s OK to sometimes be a little frustrated or even angry at God, but don’t ever lie to Him. You can’t not be a man and not have emotions, but you can bring all your negativity to your Father. Tell Him honestly how much this period of waiting is hurtful and frustrating; He will comfort you immediately!

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