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Crisis Text Line helps teens across nation

Like Alone No More, this national program has analyzed technology and realized that the mediums that are widely used these days are face-to-face interactions (face time, ovoo, and Skype) to name a few. Text messaging, which they’ve intelligently integrated and is seeing that it’s working well, kudos to you guys. And also, apps on mobile devices (kindles, iPads, tablets and cellular phones) are also easily accessed and widespread… That’s why Alone No More will couple the app and face-to-face interactions together. Allowing the hurting person to instantly tap into a live supporter, who will talk to them, Pray for them and guide them to resources necessary to bring them back to a place of stabilization.

As this program admits at the end of their posts, that the people who are assisting the people who’s benefiting from their services are NOT therapists. But, rather they’re helping in the same manner we intend to, just by different, yet similar methods.

Regardless of the tactic, this is further evidence that hurting people need and want help, and prefer not to actually go in to a hospital or even a private office with doctors and other forms of trained professionals. They’d like it better if they can text or link through an app. Therefore, please donate and share this link… Help us come together to help others.



[anvplayer video=”522241″ /]
KIMT News 3 – It’s a tool that helps teens via text messaging. Crisis Text Line is free, emotional support for those experiencing a crisis of any type. It’s as easy and quick as sending a text and there is someone available 24-7. If someone is experiencing a crisis they can text “START” to 741-741.

A trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly. The specialist helps the person experiencing a crisis stay safe while providing counseling through text messages and referrals to appropriate programs. The program is targeted towards teens, but anyone can text and seek help as it is completely confidential. This week, Crisis Text Line tweeted some of the top issues they hear about including work, a lost job, and stress.

Crisis Intervention Services, a local organization has implemented a free, 24-7 hotline for decades. Officials there explain why having these immediate resources is so important. “When someone…

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