Formulation of Alone No More (small group)

There are MANY of you who’ve offered to help with the planning and building phase of Alone No More, and I plan to start holding online meetings for us to come together all in one place, so that we can finally get this much needed Ministry moving in the correct direction. Instead of me checking each comment and inviting you to the meeting, please reply with your email address or mobile number, depending on the device you intend to use for the meeting(s). I’ll be using Anymeeting, beforehand you can check it out, and see which method you feel you’d be comfortable using and leave the corresponding information accordingly. Until I actually get the hosting site up and going, I don’t even want to throw out tentative dates and times, I’d rather post it once I know that I know for sure that it’s a go!!! Pray with me everyone that this finally works and God will increase during these meetings, and I’ll decrease, allowing Him to overtake my mind and speak through me according to how He desires for us to proceed from here. (sigh)… finally smiling, believing deep in my heart that it’s all uphill from here… We just gotta learn to be still, and watch Him work when we’re clueless about what in the world we’re suppose to be doing SMH. Well, time to knock down these hours… At least I’m going in here today feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted up off my shoulders… Thank You Daddy, and a multitude of Blessings sent in every direction for you guys as well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


8 thoughts on “Formulation of Alone No More (small group)

  1. Reblogged this on Da UGLY Ducklin and commented:

    The site is set for our group meetings. But, I need E-mail addresses in order to send invites for access.

    Also, if everyone can give me their availability, I can decide on a date and time for our first meeting based on the collective feedback.

    Please think about the hurting people you’ll be helping by being a part of this great planning committee. Thanx and see you soon.


  2. Hey sistah girl!! I pray all is blessed, peaceful and glorious with you today! Just wanted to throw out there that I’d love to help with research, planning and reaching out to people for this small group. You obviously have my contact, so just keep me in mind if you need any assistance with small stuff that’ll get the wheels going, like contact list for the group members, incl. best modes of contact, internet availability.

    And always remember, you have my 100% support, love and prayers! We got this, beautiful!! Super excited to see things begin to come alive for you <3!! Sending an abundance of love, prayers and blessed thoughts your way always!!

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