2 thoughts on “For when Depression crawls in

  1. Thanks for posting this. Entering a depressive phase regarding my writing career, or seeming lack thereof. I know I will be all right in Jesus, but really hard feeling at the end of dreams.

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    1. Trust me you’ll deftly be fine, I’m a living witness that it gets better. I was sooooooo bad off that I had perfected ways to still attempt suicide while in the same room with several family members, under round the clock watch… That’s how sad I once was SMH. But, you gotta make alone time with Jesus… “He’s a friend that earnestly sticks closer than a brother”. At first I didn’t put too much thought into even trying to get to know Him, because it just seemed so idiotic to claim to talk to and intimately know the unseen. But, being at the end of your ropes soon glides you right on down the path of Righteousness… There’s perhaps no one else you humanly trust or wanna be bothered with, and in the interim of your indecision, the Holy Spirit gives you glimpses of good things that has occurred throughout your life, and suddenly you get this innate urge to be ever so close to Him… Thereafter, you’re on your way to the best transition you’ve ever been a part of… You totally surrender your all to Him and cast all your issues on Him, and weights instantly fall off and you literally feel free again, enough to get your footing and pursue the life He has planned for you before creation came to be… Lookin forward to testimonies of your growth and healing… Be encouraged my luv!!!

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