Suicidal Ideation When I Stop Drinking

This kind of reminds me of Robin Williams… How he appeared introverted as he quietly endured whatever ultimately drove him completely over the edge. Suicide itself is tragic enough standing alone. But, when there’s little to no warning signs available, allowing friends and love ones the chance to intervene it’s horrific. Just makes me stress all the more for everyone to Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee go that extra step further in analyzing what could perennially pan out to be absolutely horrific, if we remain lackadaisical, and someone truly dear to us just so happens to take their own lives… Maaaaannnnnnn Ohhhhh man what pain we’ll feel. Simply another reason why Alone No More is imperative


When I stop drinking completely, I find myself emotionless, dreaming up various plans for how to end my life. I don t mean in the immediate aftermath of sobriety; I don t think it s a withdrawal symptom. I was sober for nearly six months before and the entire period was characterized by such planning. Not the kind of suicidal thoughts brought on by panic or despair; I didn t sit around sobbing and wanting to die. It was much more calculating and emotionless, dominated entirely by logic… Suicidal Ideation When I Stop Drinking

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