Write the VISION and make it plain!!!

After experiences with suicidal thoughts firsthand, then seeing how prevalent it is with celebrities and others who one would think are established and shouldn’t even be experiencing such problems that’ll ever make them feel worthless, hopeless or inadequate; further proves that suicidal tendencies has nuttin to do with how much money you have nor does popularity make a difference. Hurting people are everywhere… And I wanna HHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

Alone No More

Is a non profit organization I wanna structure, that will operate 24 hrs a day and have an app attached to it, so that none will have to waste time dialing numbers to get help. What if they’ve already taken the pills or injured themselves, but have a change of heart, and too weak to dial out. This app will stay on the home screen (widget) and instantly a live counselor pops up and will be able to get your exact location, so long as GPS and location are both engaged on your device.

Also, with the app, say for instance you’re merely in the beginning phase of your plan, and you’re maybe able to just talk to someone and perhaps get to feeling better altogether. The counselor will either spend the needed time with you themselves or get someone local to respond to your location, in case you prefer face to face interactions.

Alone No More

Will have 24 hrs private prayer closets throughout the cities, for anyone to drop in as needed whenever, and they can choose whether they’d like for someone to pray with/for them or they want to spend time with God alone. Yes, we can pray anywhere. But, some people feel better in places that’s dedicated to/for the primary purpose of prayer.

Alone No More

Will either be staffed (on standby) at hospitals and and psychiatric associations, because everybody don’t just need to be medicated and locked on a ward, left alone to still think about your problems. Rather, talking it through is more helpful. Every time I’ve been committed the actual facility I was in did nuttin beneficial for me, aside from food, arts and crafts, an abundance of snacks and tons of mind altering drugs. The crazy thing is you end up lying, and saying your issue has diminished, just so you can finally get home. But, the problem just goes right with you. Instead, Alone No More will take the time to get to the root of your issue, and help you with therapy that surpasses sitting on a couch, going over family history and all the shenanigans. The time together will be spent doing whatever you enjoy, yet while still rectifying your problem. You’ll gain a new helpful friend.

However, this VISION will be expensive and time consuming. I need help writing proposals and staff to work with, ideas on how to turn these thoughts into reality. I can’t do this by myself, although I can see exactly how it should be structured. It’s gon take a committed team of US to pull this together. Come along and let’s put an end to suicide as best we know how… Giving the love that’s needed one click of the app at a time.

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


35 thoughts on “Write the VISION and make it plain!!!

  1. Hi beautiful child of God!! First, can I just say that not only has your vision and persistent desire to make it come alive, made my heart cry out His name in love. But this discussion on your comments sections, has me bawling right now. Inside and out. This is God doing HIS work, if I’ve ever seen it! I am just so blessed to even have witnessed this plan, your work and the out-pour of support you’ve received. I just can’t stop crying. God is sooooooo good!! Lord Jesus!! Amen!!

    Okay, I am going to work to make more sense to you right now. I have a ministry going on, on my own blog/ website, EverythingShaquana. It includes every single thing you post about. More importantly, it is wholeheartedly meant to be a platform for connecting works of God, like you and myself. Thank you Jesus! I am so poised to help you with just about everything you’ve mentioned needing help with, it’s not even funny.

    I am a writer, blogger, grassroots organizer, activist, artists, and most importantly, a child of God! I am committed to using all He has blessed me with, to help people just like yourself, propel their most God given passions and purpose into the light of day! I have a budding start- up business, called Gardner Creative Consulting that you can check out here–> https://gardnercreative.wordpress.com. I have been struggling on beyond broke, for over a year now, working to be ready for a calling just like this one.

    I can write grant proposals, help with social media and other marketing, help with fundraising, galvanizing like minded supporters, build a damn good basic separate website for the org, and so much more. Most importantly, my sistah, I can be your shared reminder of God’s continued purpose for us, despite all the wicked one might do to circumvent your God given goal, here. I’d love to help with whatever I have to offer. It would be my God given honor. Please, check out my blog, biz website, and LinkedIn account (you can find it on my blog’s, JOIN page) for more info on my expertise and experience. Then, if the Spirit guides you, please email me (shaquana.gardner@gmail.com), so we can start doing His work on the grandest stage!

    God bless your beautiful soul for following His calling and submitting to the demands of your heart, no matter what. Don’t worry about the money or donations, right now, as a word of Godly advice. Your focus is to create a solid enough foundation right now, that when the money does pour in (as it most def will), you’ll know exactly HOW to use it, so as to not squander not one small blessing. Remember the big picture. Every mountain we see, is thousands and even millions of years of rock sedimentation. That’s a whole bunch of tiny rocks, taking longer than humans have existed (according to Evolution, of course) to form one beautiful mountain. We must work, one small rock at a time, while always remembering the big picture of the grand mountain, we seek to build.

    As for the other commenters and supporters, here, God bless you all! You have been called by God to simply show support in the simplest form of support by adding comments, and you submitted! Whether you’re governed by God, Spirit, the Universe or just your own conscience, you did well for this blessed soul here! In such, God bless you all, always! Peace & Blessings!!

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    1. I’m in awe… I had totally giving up… You know this is proof that the devil REALLY wants me ddddeeeeaaaadddd. So that I Neeeeeevvvveeerr complete God’s will. I don’t know what made me finally start responding to the notifications from WordPress again. But, I’m sooooooo glad I did because I’d missed this SMH.

      I get discouraged and weak real quick, because I know I hear from God without doubt, and I do be patiently waiting. But, if things don’t pick up rather quick I give up, and I know I must stop doing that.

      Woooooowwwwwwww God is absolutely wonderful. He made me see this, I can’t believe this. Please give me time to process this all. I’m just leaving my second job, and totally exhausted.

      Don’t leave me though… I’m convinced now, that Nooooooo matter what… Alone No More will come to fruition!!!

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      1. I am abundantly blessed to have been able to reach out to you when I did. We have so much in common, I know God is at work!! I am most definitely here for the long haul. Thank you so much for reaching back out! it means more than you may ever know!! God bless you always, my sistah in Christ and righteousness!!

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  2. I just checked the gofundme page… NOTHING!!! I know this is ALL for a good cause, but hard to get started with no money. I need to get proposals written. Then, the website for the app and the way for calls to be routed cost a lot… But, nobody is giving.

    When I sent the message asking you guys to help with posting the link, I was asking if you could circulate the link.


  3. I don’t think you will need to pay people, necessarily, if you can reach others like me who have been there… and have a belief in God, then each of us will help you at no cost. It is part of GIVING, it could also be a way people tithe, who don’t make a lot of money… so don’t be giving up so easily!! You can do this. You just have to slowly build a team that will take calls… and you already have ONE!!! … one down…9 to go..So as my Dad used to say… Keep your chin up!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. Wow. What a beautiful vision. I am not sure I have much expertise that would be helpful (other than a whole lot of experience with being that one wrestling with suicide). However, I will pray for things to fall into place. This could be so good for so many people.

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    1. That’s all that’s needed is your PERSONAL experiences. You know why… You’re gonna be the PERFECT counselor for Alone No More, because you’ve been where they’ll be, when they’re on the other end if that phone, and you’ll be ever so carful to be patient enough with them, to give them all the compassion and encouragement necessary to carry them over that hurdle they’re embarking.

      I want to make it so calls come to people who wanna help cell phones, so we Neeeeeevvvveeerr miiiiisssssssssss calls.

      I got all kinds of thoughts… Just need prayer and lots of feedback to make this change in our world.

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      1. Well, if there is a way I can get connected, I am all for that. I don’t have a very up-to-date phone, but I do have one. Lol.

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  5. Reblogged this on Da UGLY Ducklin and commented:

    Well, reality just kicked in that this will be harder than I thought. But, if it’d be easy I wouldn’t need Jesus to see it through!!!

    I refuse to get upset and angry, because obstacles seem to be too much for me. God gives VISIONS and He’ll also bring about provision. Rome wasn’t built overnight… Likewise, this well needed ministry will take time to come together.

    There’s a lot I didn’t factor in. The most important factor is that hurting people are all around the globe and I’m just one person in one state ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh. I thought in terms of using the worldwide web to see this through. But, some feedback I just got has changed my train of thought!!!

    Then, he/she is right, who could I possibly pay enough money, to sit by the phone late hours waiting on calls??? My only thoughts is to stop suicide at any cost… And unless you’ve been affected by it in one way or another you probably won’t be as sensitive to it and apt to jump in and lend a hand.

    I don’t even care to profit from this… I just want it working sooooooo badly SMH. Once again I want my magic wand or I go back to if only I were rich!!! If so, I’d hire people and pay them large amounts to save hurting people. I’ve been in that same place twelve miserable disgusting times. And while I’m at a stable place in my life I wanna do what I see to be necessary to help. I reiterate, the system don’t have a working plan trust me… I’ve been in several institutions and you’re just sitting there day to day, wasting away… Taking ridiculous medications, drawing or coloring… How is that fixing your issue??????? Come on people… Help me pull this together… I need you like Neeeeeevvvveeerr before.

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      1. Not off the top of my head. This is a very worthy cause and I am sure you will get others to jump on board. I reblogged your post so you can get some more exposure. I will help spread the word and hopefully ideas will turn into reality.

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  6. wow…what a great idea!! I’d jump on board to pray with people or take calls, but I’m in Washington state, so in person would be difficult for an online app. I even know a guy who might be able to create an app like that… but it would be expensive if it was linked to phones. The only thing I can see in your plan that would be hard to do … is make the app live, like with Skype or something. I can’t see anyone wanting to talk to a machine or character that isn’t a real person… and finding people who would sit by their computer to wait for calls would take some doing, especially if they were late at night. But maybe you could have it designed where the app distributes the calls based on locations, so the people taking the calls are in different time zones…etc. That wouldn’t be too hard if you had at least 5 people; one in each time zone…or maybe 10, so all 24 hours are covered.
    But you are right, it’s definitely needed. Maybe you could start small, create it in wordpress for free, add a Skype feature… then setting up links to it on different sites that are already established, like maybe suicide hotline sites or even Christian sites… that list could be endless… target high areas like schools, homeless or foodbank sites, that kind of thing….. just a few suggestions…. but hey, you go girl! SAVE THE WORLD! πŸ™‚

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    1. OMG, I as absolutely love you… I haven’t even finished reading all that you said. But, I know you’re Heaven sent!!! I have no clue how to put any of it together, but I envision it all… That’s why teams form… We won’t let distance be a barrier… We’re now in this together!!!


    2. I just read it all, you can’t leave me lol. You got too much in you!!! Your ideas are wonderful… But, we gotta stick together in order to bring this to fruition. Have you or anyone close to you ever struggled with suicide on any level?


      1. me and my youngest son.. who is slowly killing himself with heroine… and I had two friends in highschool who committed suicide in a love pact… just breaks my heart. they were 15 or so…. so sad. so yea, keep me posted on your progress, I’ll help if I can. πŸ™‚

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          1. sorry sweetie, I don’t know… I know it is possible though, I’d suggest just googling it.. I’m sure someone has posted instructions by now. πŸ™‚

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              1. I thought you meant, how do you link up to other sites… as in getting it listed like an ad that links to you… I know there is a way, just don’t know how. I can personally post it, and will do so gladly, on my site. Which would you prefer: me reposting something you have already written, to link them to your site, or would you want me to write something also, and post it?? Either is fine! and in the future, if I write anything at all dealing with suicide I will repost it for you also. πŸ™‚

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