Absolutely devastated and HURT!!!

Sears is the worse!!! (((TEARS)))

On April 22nd I received wonderful news that I had finally been accepted into an apartment after nearly three years of either sleeping in my car or in between temporary homeless shelters.

When I became homeless I lost all my furniture and set out immediately in search of what I felt to be the most important thing right now, a bed to sleep on, and I knew I couldn’t afford a real bed therefore I settled for a air mattress and after reading multiple reviews about how easily they get holes I decided to get two cheap ones, knowing I’d need to sleep on them for a while.

I had ordered a deep freezer before my terrible demise from Sears and considered them a reputable company. So, I placed my order with them and it was due to arrive on May 2nd, I’d get my beds just in time!!! Wrong, my beds was delivered too early, without notification to me, and left at front door, and I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get this rectified through Sears.


12 comments on “Absolutely devastated and HURT!!!

  1. I’m so sorry xc big hugs xx

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  2. Sears really sucks out here in Canada as well , I got tricked , almost thanks god I didn’t fall for it all the way though , I sympathize with you hugs

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  3. I am so sorry for this set back after things were starting to turn around for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything works out and that your life keeps moving forward towards the happiness you deserve and desire.

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  4. You’re welcome. Good luck!

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  5. God knows and He cares. Praying for His very best for you.

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