The Game Threatened Young Thug Last Night, Sides with Lil Wayne

You gotta be kiddin me, and I actually watched his show regularly, excited about his change, and really thinking I’d Neeeeeevvvveeerr see him act this way… Not to mention the fact that he has children… What will he do, live a double standard?

Teach them one way at home, then transform in da streets, and threaten to smoke a nigga… Disgusting!!!

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Young Thug Declares War on The Game! [Breaking]

Just look at this… A crying shame ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh. Y’all not even considering your fans while y’all acting like complete idiots. What’s the point of making it as far as you did, to still hold on to the chaotic parts of your being??? Change MUST take place for success!!!

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It’s not a wise decision for Young Thug to start beefs with the OG’s of the rap game. We know he’s got his ongoing situation with Weezy and now it seems he’s going after The Game! He posted a message to Game on Instagram a short while ago accusing him of switching sides, being a male stripper and even taunts him with a gun flash! (WARNING: LOTS OF PROFANITY!)

Not one who shies away from controversy, The Game claps back with his own threats:

This can’t end well. What do you think of this latest rap quarrel? Join the conversation on Facebook!

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The Game Throws Shots At Young Thug In New Orleans; Young Thug Reponds

When will the beefin stop all the way round the board SMH… Waaaaaayyyyyyy too old for da cray cray dese days kill!!!

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The Game at "The Documentary" 10th Anniversary Party And Concert Source: Chelsea Lauren / Getty
While performing in Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans last night (May 5), The Game took aim at Young Thug in light of Thugger’s ongoing feud with the Young Money frontman.

Footage captured by Baller Alert shows The Game angrily going in on Young Thug, saying he will “f*ck [him] up.”

“My n*gga Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just been Hollygrove, n*gga,” The Game yells into the mic. “You know what the f*ck it is, n*gga. Westside in this mother*cker. Anybody f*cking with Tune got a problem with me. I will f*ck Young Thug up on Piru, n*gga. Westside, n*gga.

“Now come to California.” The Game adds. “Do that shit. I dare you. I dare a p*ssy n*gga to walk through California and say ‘F*ck Wayne.’ I’mma do a n*gga like I did 40 Glocc. And if a n*gga wanna problem, that n*gga…

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