Write the VISION and make it plain!!!

Well, reality just kicked in that this will be harder than I thought. But, if it’d be easy I wouldn’t need Jesus to see it through!!!

I refuse to get upset and angry, because obstacles seem to be too much for me. God gives VISIONS and He’ll also bring about provision. Rome wasn’t built overnight… Likewise, this well needed ministry will take time to come together.

There’s a lot I didn’t factor in. The most important factor is that hurting people are all around the globe and I’m just one person in one state ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh. I thought in terms of using the worldwide web to see this through. But, some feedback I just got has changed my train of thought!!!

Then, he/she is right, who could I possibly pay enough money, to sit by the phone late hours waiting on calls??? My only thoughts is to stop suicide at any cost… And unless you’ve been affected by it in one way or another you probably won’t be as sensitive to it and apt to jump in and lend a hand.

I don’t even care to profit from this… I just want it working sooooooo badly SMH. Once again I want my magic wand or I go back to if only I were rich!!! If so, I’d hire people and pay them large amounts to save hurting people. I’ve been in that same place twelve miserable disgusting times. And while I’m at a stable place in my life I wanna do what I see to be necessary to help. I reiterate, the system don’t have a working plan trust me… I’ve been in several institutions and you’re just sitting there day to day, wasting away… Taking ridiculous medications, drawing or coloring… How is that fixing your issue??????? Come on people… Help me pull this together… I need you like Neeeeeevvvveeerr before.


After experiences with suicidal thoughts firsthand, then seeing how prevalent it is with celebrities and others who one would think are established and shouldn’t even be experiencing such problems that’ll ever make them feel worthless, hopeless or inadequate. But, that further proves that suicidal tendencies has nuttin to do with how much money you have nor does popularity make a difference. Hurting people are everywhere… And I wanna HHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

Alone No More

Is a non profit organization I wanna structure, that will operate 24 hrs a day and have an app attached to it, do that none will have to waste time dialing numbers to get help. What if they’ve already taken the pills or injured themselves, but have a change of heart, and too weak to dial out. This app will stay on the home screen (widget) and instantly a live counselor pops up and will be able to…

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5 thoughts on “Write the VISION and make it plain!!!

  1. Hey beautiful!! I just wanted to salute this mission you have here, one more again!! It is beyond powerful, what you are seeking to attain, in His name!! I’d love to be apart of it, God willing, in any way possible! So much so, that I just wrote you a whole darn letter on your other “Write the VISION and make it plain!!!” post. Check it out and please contact me, if and when Spirit guides you to do so. I can’t wait to be His greatest servant, in helping heal those who don’t know how to make it through the most “lonely” of days. Also, I wrote a post on suicide that might help you see my own vision of what you’re seeking to do.

    Check it out the link, it’s called “Lacking Conversations That Are Killing The Black Community: ‘Suicide’” –>http://wp.me/p3Zjs6-K3. I wrote a poem about Karyn Washington, the blogger who committed suicide last year, that you might also appreciate called, “NaPoWriMo Poem #2: When The Rainbow Isn’t Enough: A Poem For Karyn Washington & The Lonely Departed” and #WCW Presents: ‘Remembering Karyn & the Lonely Departed.’” You can search for those titles on my blog, if you like.

    I don’t mean to blow you up or anything, but I am simply in love with your will to submit to His calling and would love to help you keep it going. God bless you sistah!! And may God continue to shine His best works your way, for all of your days!

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  2. Any vision worth its weight is worth fighting for. How I long for resources that could help! I will pray hard, though. That is one thing in my power to do. God bless you.

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