Stranger Danger… Ruuunnnnn >>>>>>>

All eleven of my grand babies know this term Ohhhhh tooooooo well. And Nooooooo doubt they take it serious and are always on guard and constant alert. In the same, children and adolescents are taught about this all the more, as they are allowed to enter the cyber world, with the remembrance of the many disgusting predators lurking to devour them.

Growing up, in my era, it was nuttin for young ladies who were either tooooooo lazy to walk or had Nooooooo money for public transportation, to take rides from whom ever offered. But, that quickly died down, when it actually panned out that we were in fact in danger by taking what was supposed to be a generous ride from a stranger turned deadly. Men and even young boys started taking advantage of the opportunity to over power random females and not only kidnap and rape them. But, kill them too SMH!!!

Thank God times have changed and surfing the web has its perks and benefits. And I learned to appreciate it all the more in 2006, when I was too downtrodden to even pull myself outta the bed to seek help for my troubled mind and broken heart. Instead I took to Google, in search of “Online support groups”. That was an amazing experience for me… Although I didn’t particularly find exactly what I needed using those search terms, all was still well. Because God helped me use my wits and HCUMABH was formed, and within months it was flooded with member requests… People were then and still are hurting geeeesssssshhhhh!!! I’m not alone after all 🙂

Nonetheless, my real reason for posting on this topic arose simply from the love, encouragement and support I receive on my new site Da Ugly Ducklin which is connected to WordPress. They’re Nooooooo strangers at all!!! Our interactions are more interpersonal and they always take the bold stance of using their personal testimonies to make me feel better, thus showing me you’re not suffering by yourself… We’re going through the exact same or similar issue as you, and together we’ll conquer these obstacles. I love it!!! What do you call so called strangers, who care like they do, with sooooooo much concern and compassion for your well being???

I know Nooooooo better than to call them FRIEND… Who cares about distance, class, race or demographical background. People like that deserve awards, especially because the acts of generosity is genuine… Let me tell each of you firsthand… I love and appreciate you all, and I hate that it sounds sooooooo cliché. But, just know that it comes from waaaaaayyyyyyy deep down in my heart… And remember Heaven smiles upon you and yours for the good works you do here… Keep up the GOOD work 🙂

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


13 thoughts on “Stranger Danger… Ruuunnnnn >>>>>>>

  1. You know, I’ve been amazed by the same blessed elements of the world wide web, myself. When I suffered my first miscarriage, in 2013, I felt so alone. I couldn’t understand how I could know soooo many people who’d had a miscarriage or still birth, and yet found such little room to actually open that door of discussion.

    Everyone just kept saying things like, “yea it happens. It happened to me.” Then, they’d all always get gloom, go back to their one space that hadn’t healed one bit, and close me. Going online and Google, brought me to the words of life I needed to hear. Like you though, it wasn’t exactly what I needed. That’s what, in large part, inspired my own blog.

    I wanted to create the platform I needed when I was lost and in need of being found. In need of being felt, understood and spoken to like a person who was hurting. Anywho, that’s why I am so love with your mission and passion. Because from sistah to sistah, I GET IT! And then some! Much love sistah!! Peace & Blessings always!!

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  2. Well hello DC, thanks for poppin into my site. I’m so sad to hear you tried to commit suicide, more than once is just mind blowing. But I wanted to share this with you: when I was a young woman, a new mother for the first time, and devastated that my sons’ father wanted nothing to do with him.. or me… I tried to commit suicide too. I ate an entire bottle of pills. My son was taking a nap, so I sat down in a rocking chair and just looked out the window, so alone, so incredibly sad, and waited. About half an hour later, my son cried. and it occurred to me… he will be all alone in the world if I die. So with tears streaming down my face, I got him from his crib and sat rocking, crying, and still waited for the pills to hit. But after a few minutes, as he looked up at me with this innocent little look, I decided to pray. I was raised going to church, but hadn’t been in a long time. I sat there praying that God would save me, not for me, not for me to continue my life, but because my son would have no parents. That was what hurt me the most. And do you know… I never got sick, not one tiny bit. I didn’t even throw up the pills. I just sat there crying, praying, and the day went on. THAT was the first miracle I experienced. I’ve experienced several more since that day, and he’s 31 years old now, and even though my son pretty much hates his father, he loves me so dearly it makes my heart burst. He has been my joy. Not men, not my two x-husbands, not even my family love me like he does. He knows what it took for me to raise him alone, and he’s become a wonderful man.
    So rather than look to others for love, acceptance, help, even joy… look to God instead. He is ALWAYS there, He DOES listen, and He ALWAYS answers your prayers. It may not be what you wanted, but He does answer with usually what is best for you, not necessarily what you want.
    If you ever need encouragement, or just a friend to talk to, feel free to contact me. I’ve probably written 100 poems about God, if you want to check them out they are under the “For God Alone” tab on my site, at least most of them are, I haven’t updated it lately, but there are some in there that will lift you up, give you hope, and I pray bring you closer to God. I’ve been trying for years to walk in Yeshuah’s footsteps, and have failed miserably repeatedly, but when I write, I always ask God to give me the words, and He does. They just pop in my head.. and I spew them out. I don’t attend a church anymore, because I have yet to find one where the people genuinely LOVE GOD and are there to praise him, and not for other reasons.
    Putting Him FIRST in your life is the first step. After that, He is right there beside you 24/7 and I have been amazed so many times in my life when I have had serious problems and I can feel Him holding me, loving me, and giving me SUCH peace…. not to mention the numerous miracles He has blessed me with.
    I’ve given up on men, they are foolish and selfish and downright mean, not all I’m sure, but the ones I’ve dealt with were plain old crap.
    God on the other hand, and Yeshuah, are the real LOVES of my life. And since that time, I have been thru hell and back a few times, but God was always there to pick me up and give me strength… ALWAYS! He’s never let me down. take care, and may God Bless you and yours. And I am dead serious about you contacting me if you ever need to. Anytime!! my email is listed on my about page.!! 🙂

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      1. A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. (NLT) -Proverbs 14:1
        This verse is a great reminder of the power both men and women have in creating a home. We have the capacity to build up or tear down our spouses, children, or parents. Public recognition goes a long way to announce respect. Gentle correction is a form of grace that communicates value. Physical embrace is the reassuring touch that conveys a feeling of belonging. Each one of these combine to build a home and family. Be on the lookout for areas to build your home.
        Download this app to get your daily devotions:

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