I’m homeless, but not in despair… Trusting God against ALL odds!!!

Things got a little hectic, but I didn’t allow it to break me. A few unexpected obstacles showed face, and each time I merely drew closer to my Heavenly Father. It’s not about what I see, but rather WHO I know!!

I felt sooooooo bad, but that mustard seed Faith, that I Neeeeeevvvveeerr understood kept me pushing!!!

I surrendered my all to Him, and these small set backs don’t change NOTHING 🙂 🙂 🙂

EVERYTHING works together for the GOOD for them who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. Therefore, I’m ALL in,  “use me Lord, until You’ve used me up.


15 comments on “I’m homeless, but not in despair… Trusting God against ALL odds!!!

  1. Tell me more about happened. I just ended 16 months of homelessness. I did find a place to live in Baltimore during that time. It was rough and there were many times where I faltered and did not think I would survive. But I did. Betty

    Email me, if you want.

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    • That’s wonderful… Sooooooo glad you’re finally through it!!! For me, it’s the lack of hours at work that keeps me from getting a place now. But, what caused it in the beginning was me moving tooooooo fast, and jumping into a high car note, not calculating properly SMH… I was waaaaaayyyyyyy to excited when I obtained the job I now have, making the kind of money I once was… Now, this is the kicker! I would’ve been fine, because I actually got promoted and with that cane a heaping raise… Buuuuuutttttttt, less hours as well ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh!!! A hot mess right???

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  2. Yeah, I’m fine until 9/31/15, and even then I’m sure God will have them grant me an extension… As for friends, I never really had any to be honest… I’ve always been a loaner so to say. The only people I’ve ever let get close to me were my children, grandchildren and my mate… Anyone else was suspect lol… But, that could be a bad thing too, especially if it was merely my mental illness that caused me to see them in that light, but God was trynna do something radical between us SMH… I hope I haven’t deterred any Blessings in that aspect. Nonetheless, my life’s totally open to Him full throttle, and He’s welcome to link me with whomever He sees fit!!!

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  3. Oh dear sending you all positive thoughts and energy I have! You can’t plan anything in life, I experienced that too in these last weeks. Always keep your faith my mum always says there is a reason behind everything that happens and so far it has proven true. Wish you all the best 😘

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  4. I am standing in agreement for God to do a supernatural turn around in your life. Keep praying! The 23rd Psalm says “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. This means God has covered you.

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  5. More power to you, my beautiful soul :*

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