Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/12/15 (DAY 24)


I’m now a firm believer that the things you do to your parents will eventually return to haunt you

Things were crazy all night and morning… But, still I TRUST God

Hard for a caring grandmother to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to things going wrong with the babies in her life

Started to place myself back in a homeless state due to frustration with my daughter… Thank God I didn’t overreact!!!

Single again because of the mess pertaining to my granddaughter

Just what do you do when your grown child won’t listen to you, but they’re making wrong decisions?

I have no clue as to why things went left between my husband and me. But, God have Your way!

Seeing one again, the things I did to my mother coming back around on me through my children

Children, regardless of age MUST know “Don’t do what I’m doing or have done”… Rather do what I say

Called a family meeting, and I desire for God to be in total control…. Just want them to know I’m only trynna help

Tragedies are increasing I DC… Prayers please

Hold your peace, and Pray first… Never jump the gun and create a huger problem for yourself or others

Whatever happened to “Mom knows BEST???”



10 thoughts on “Da Ugly Ducklin – The Transparent Me 8/12/15 (DAY 24)

  1. You know, regardless of the relationship, it is always difficult approaching the subject of a person’s parenting..especially when you have history with that person. I think a respectful relationship between yourself and your children is absolutely necessary whether you live with them or not, or whether you did right by them in the past or not. It just takes effort on both parts. If your daughter is sensitive to the subject, but you feel it necessary to speak up, just choose respectful and positive language.. As you should receive the same. Its very hard for us young folk that believe we are grown to receive criticism about the things we think we have under control or are doing well. Most often we react negatively because we are either insecure about whatever it is, or we feel judged or that you don’t believe we can handle ourselves. I wouldn’t take it personally, but as the mother and the grandmother you have the right to speak. I’m sure if the tables were turned and they needed or really wanted your advice, they would be all ears. That’s the thing about moms, you don’t get to pick and choose the content. You take what applies and let the rest fly. Pray and ask God for direction but stick to what you know is best. I’m sure your mother told you some things you didn’t want to hear, but they worked in your favor in the end. It clearly helped you get yourself together at some point! Sometimes its about sewing seeds and giving wisdom….but you can’t control when and how your kids use, or receive it. Praying for you!

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    1. You can say that again!!! I deftly still hold firm to plenty of the advice my mom instilled in me and I’m constantly making reference of it when I’m trying to stir them in the right way. Some of the things I’ve drilled in their heads have actually taken root, because I overhear them preaching it to their babies. Thank You Jesus! To add, they Neeeeeevvvveeerr second guess calling me for advice, it’s true that they pick and choose what information deems to be necessary and/or appropriate. Nonetheless, I’ve noticed a change, ALL Praises to God once more. Because she has her baby with her constantly now. So, my rants and never ending Prayers actually paid off… Proud Mommy I am πŸ™‚

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    1. You are so welcome. In light of lieu of the entire video–you are right in minding your own business. I understand it’s painful to watch what is transpiring, but sometimes you have to focus on yourself and let others deal with the consequences of their own actions. Help where you can, and where your help and thoughts are requested. Otherwise, just focus on being the positive energy force which you are. β™₯E.E.

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      1. OMG, your comment nearly brought tears to my eyes, because that’s actually the best thing for me to do. But, to think that babies may suffer due to my having to be quiet just tears me to pieces. Nonetheless, I’ll do that to keep PEACE. And I gotta remember the most important point here; I’ve given it over to God for Him to speak up where my advice isn’t warranted… He got every one of these babies Nooooooo doubt!!!

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