The Transparent Me (Day 1)

This is the start of a new way I’m going to interact. I’ve been blogging for years, to no avail, and I earnestly believe that it’s meant for me to visually convey my messages. To be honest, it took me this long because I’m not happy with the way I look on camera. But, If God has a purpose for you, you’ll get it done, according to His Will eventually… No matter how long you run.

I don’t doubt that the reason I’ve been going through soooooo much isΒ due to my procrastination and fear. “NO MORE”!!! I’m BAAAAAACCCCCKKKK, and I know I’ve said that many many times before, then I’ll fall away again… My apologies, trust me I’m full to the brim, and it’s about to spill over… Don’t believe me JUST WATCH πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “The Transparent Me (Day 1)

  1. You are beautiful!!! Never feel shy about showing yourself. The world needs what you have and will be a brighter place because of you! (Don’t believe me, I’ll send you one of my pics… Then you’ll be feeling better uh-huh…) Hugs to you ❀

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    1. Thanx for the compliment… We’re ALL beautiful/handsome/gorgeous to our Heavenly Father, and when we interact together nicely, as we’re doing now, we become more appealing to Him… My mom always told me, growing up, to stop acting ugly… Meaning, we can be attractive, but when we act out derogatorily, we take away from and/or diminish our beauty in the worst way.


  2. Thank for stopping by my blog. I watched your videos. I was going to mention the tags but Scotti beat me to it. It is an excellent rule to remember and apply. One other thing that may be helpful [I do this] is to write out your script. It will keep you on track and even if the video stops suddenly you will know exactly where you are at when starting again. Keep up keeping on!

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    1. Thanx sooooooo much, I can’t remember how many tags we’re allowed… I’ve started cutting back already. But, wanna make sure I’m within guidelines and your help is greatly appreciated… Also, I thought about the script, but I can’t help but to keep looking at it lol… Do you memorize yours?


  3. “I’ve been blogging for years, to no avail”

    …just so you know. Most search engines (including Google) and blogging sites disregard posts with over 13 tags. Follow this rule for blogging success.

    Also, who is to say what is or isn’t beautiful?

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  4. Hi Passion! I admire what you are doing. I attempted suicide when I was much younger, but got through all that and have come a long way since then. These days I have trolls, I am a targeted individual and I know the spiritual war is raging. They tried to get me on medication but I refuse to take it since I know it is the forces of evil that push these drugs to make you suicidal. I believe the answers are in God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, not drugs. Thanks for what you are doing. Stay strong.

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    1. You’re welcome and I’m sooooooo glad you made it through your attempt and also that you openly give ALL Praise, Honor and Glory to God thereafter. It’s in His service that I speak and testify daily… Remain encouraged and may Heaven continually smile upon you and yours.

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  5. Hey Passion!

    Hi watched all three videos earlier but my comment was taking too long to post so I just liked the post & am I’m coming back lol

    Soooo first of all much respect I too understand what you mean about not feeling 100% comfortable on camera as a relates to vlogging. I enjoyed all 3 videos but really have a burden for #SuicidePrevention so that was of particular interest to me.

    A lot of what you’re saying made me think of other bloggers that are suicide attempt survivors that have shared their story and they need to hear your story just as you conveyed it… Just as you are.

    There are quite a few links I want to share with you that echo the same sentiments but one thing you said that really stood out was the experience you had at the hospital earlier this year. Not sure if you’re familiar with but I highly recommend it. It’s a website dedicated to suicide attempt survivors who share their story.

    I’ve kept you long enough lol but will continue to read and support your efforts God bless you!


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