SRO Tyler McRae Should Not Be Working As An Officer & Should Be Charged Criminally NOW!!!


Disturbing video shows school resource officer grabbing student by the NECK, pulling on his HAIR and dragging him down gym’s bleachers after opting out of kickball, because he was feeling sick’

Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett, who overlooks McRae’s position as a school resource officer/deputy, said he was notified immediately after the incident and says he intends to carefully review the case.

“I understand this is a sensitive issue to many in our community,” Garrett said in a September 20 statement; while guaranteeing the release of the bodycam footage.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Meanwhile, the Chattanooga Clergy for Justice is demanding Sheriff Garrett to remove McRae from his position immediately.

The organization continued: ‘He was removed from the streets *(present at a controversial strip search) and put over the care of our children. Why was this officer ever placed as an SRO at a school? No child, regardless of age, should feel unsafe in school.’

“Earlier today, we heard from the students at East Ridge High School, during a peaceful and respectful student-led demonstration, in the school’s football stadium,” school officials wrote.

Tauris Sledge, 18, was pushed and pulled around by a Tennessee officer at East Ridge High School after refusing to leave the school gym on September 20.

Hamilton County School Resource Deputy Tyler McRae first attempted to intervene in between an argument with Sledge and his PE coach before the situation escalated

Sledge told his coach multiple times he was unwell to play kickball and grew frustrated after repeatedly attempting to explain his situation

The student then attempted to walk away from McRae, before being grabbed by the neck minutes later, after Sledge refused to exit the gym, afterwards the student was pepper sprayed in the face, to the point where he couldn’t breathe. You’re still going to resist? McRae questioned. You want some more dude? That’s fine cause I have a whole can.” “Why are you harassing me, Sledge said, while yelping in agony. I can’t breathe.”

Sledge was unresponsive for several seconds as McRae pulled him to the group, and attempted to yank off his backpack.

Later, these words were exchanged:

Get your hand off me,’ Sledge responded, as some students lingered on the bleachers, and others played basketball. ‘You got five seconds to get your hands off me.’

“What the f**k are you going to do, McRae said. Smh ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I ask EVERYONE, who’s sickened & outraged by all of the gut wrenching awful clips; that’s all over the web, to please not only sign this petition, asking for Sherrif Austin Garrett to not only terminate Officer McRae, but to open up an investigation, through Internal Affairs; where all of his skeletons can be exposed & we ask District Attorney Coty Wamp to please lodge whatever fitting criminal charges against him as well.

Adults shouldn’t even be treated so crude, make less a teenager, who’s repeatedly screaming “I’m not resisting”. Coupled with the fact that he was ever so careful to make sure that his peers was filming the officer’s traumatizing, humiliating & uncalled for beat down & I thank each student, who participated in the “walk out”, in support of Tauris.

Everything happens for a reason, no doubt & grant it, Tauris was wrong for cursing and being so angry, I will admit that. However, without a shadow of doubt, the way the officer swung him by his hair and sprayed him in his face, with pepper spray, was totally excessive & didn’t only appear to be coming from a personal place of hate; but it really seems like he’s in the wrong line of work altogether.

Just my opinion, but could there be a silent lil sneaky vendetta in the air? Being as I’m sure he weighs over 135 (mere guess), so to be swinging him by ONLY his hair is outrageous & it simply don’t look like the officer is able to hold up to the rules, regulations, job title, objectives, expectations, etc., of his current position; as it relates to “protect & serve”, considering how fast he went from 0 to ๐Ÿ’ฏ.

So, we’ll help you move on along & hopefully find your niche; perhaps MMA Fighting will suffice, who knows. But, one thing WE THE PEOPLE are completely sure of, is it ain’t the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, you gave them a black eye, as you represent them & your callous acts reflect on them poorly.

Yes, I see that he opted to “step down”. But, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We gon need you to leave the force ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธeriod ๐Ÿ” Before you get the chance to make one of our brown boys a statistic. Stick a fork in him … He’s DONE ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ

Tauris didn’t get to choose his outcome & was forced to undergo the most heinous amount of brutally imaginable; to the point that I’m surprised that there wasn’t already a petition circulating about your disgusting a**, then to add insult to injury, he wasn’t allowed to calmly leave with his dad smh ๐Ÿคฏ. Instead, you had to meet your quota; I’m assuming & even if that wasn’t your motivation, you still further hurt this man, by unnecessarily hauling him off to jail. What is it with you guys being overly determined to be power driven?

To add, there’s mention of you (McRae), allegedly having other complaints (mentioned above) & I’m guessing that’s why you decided to return to regular patrol… NOT!

Those videos are extremely hard to watch period, so much that I actually shed a tear for that young man & you should really be ashamed of yourself.

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP

-Passion โค๏ธ

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