Haaaappppyyyy Father’s Day… And this is NOT gender specific!!!

Quite naturally fathers are referring to men, males & daddys. But, I most certainly have to acknowledge all my ladies WHO have and still are playing both roles… Myself included.

We’re upstanding individuals too… I feel that I did and is still doing a magnificent job at raising all four of my babies by myself, in the earthly realm. Of course my Daddy has ALWAYS and forever will have my back… Showing me the proper way to act and react towards and in front of them.

Teaching me how to cook healthy meals, encourage and help them education wise, and to show love and compassion during their hard times.

Not to mention all the times my Father has miraculously made ways for us when we seen Nooooooo waaaaaayyyyyyy. Short on food, here comes a lady at my door that I didn’t ask to help us out, and brought several bags of groceries. Broke down on steep mountains… Here comes my nephew, who should have been going in the other direction, to give us emergency gas… Again someone I didn’t call SMH.

He’s wonderful, and us parents in whole are toooooooo… Therefore, everyone enjoy your day… Tell your babies you love them 🙂

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


16 thoughts on “Haaaappppyyyy Father’s Day… And this is NOT gender specific!!!

      1. Well glad you’re back as a sister in Christ I was concerned about you when I didn’t see any posts. Yes, God knows your heart because he’s your creator. Glad all is well

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  1. Lovely! I have three, almost grown. I’ve raised them alone since they were 4, 2, and 6 months. I haven’t tried to be their dad, but I have, like you, greatly appreciated my Heavenly Father’s presence and help!

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      1. Well, that explains why your father was so amazing!! I should have figured that out. Yes, our father in heaven is always there and loving, thank goodness for that!! or we would be truly alone

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  2. Didn’t know you were a mom to 4, so am I. My oldest just graduated high school, thank God for his guidance. He was conceived by rape but no one knows the amount of joy my son has added to my life. God truly sent me a blessing through a tragedy. I talk about that in my blogs.
    I will continue to pray for you and your family. Sorry I released so much but it was something I didn’t know that we shared. I’m raising 4 boys alone but I have such an awesome Father who continues to amaze me every day in his love for me when I don’t even deserve an half.
    Wishing you all the best my sister.

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    1. Yes indeed, three daughters and one son.. All are grown, and have Blessed me with eleven wonderful grandchildren.

      Trust you’ll be just fine in raising them, your Father in Heaven will send you all types of crafty tactics to use during your tenure… He did with me, and ALL surely turned out well, and He’s no respecter of persons… Keep the Faith, and enjoy this celebrated day for those who reared up or are still bringing up children the right way.

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