With God ALL things ARE possible… This journey takes Faith and supernatural strength!!!

19 days away from the BIG 45, and I’m embarking on a transition that I know will be trying… And this is when I look to see my help ever so near.

Even my PCP advised that I don’t attempt this, while still experiencing such traumas that bring about anxiety, stress and inevitably depression. But, he doesn’t know the Special help I’m relying on at this juncture in my life!!!

My health depends on this change… There’s mornings I wake up and my chest feels like an elephant has escaped the zoo and is now utilizing me for his/her resting post… Totally unacceptable; the huge mammoth & the disgusting, expensive, stinky, lung inhibitors can goooooooooooooooo far far away from me!!!

I’m ooooooooohhhhhhhhh sooooooo done! Now I say that with a reserve pack within arms reach, and they’re still here because I’ve vowed to quit after devouring the last one. I know there’s trillions of you who’ve either already conquered what I’m about to face or you may even be with me at the beginning stage of your cessation add well ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh.

Whatever the case, let’s be each other’s networking empowerment. We MUST get through this, and doing it together will deftly make it much easier. This is when I’ll for sure watch my Faith be activated; every time a craving comes I’ve gotta quickly run fast as I can, like Forest Gump, to God… And y’all remember he had them braces on his legs, and eventually they fell right off… That’ll be me, once God truly delivers me, the very thought of the stupid Lil things will turn my stomach.

Soon I’ll be at the place where the smell of them nauseates me, and that’ll be a good thing for once… Crazy enough, I hate nausea with a complete passion. But, I’ll undergo it for a few ticks, long enough to be sure that I Neeeeeevvvveeerr relapse.

Just imagine all the money Imma save. Prettier skin, whiter teeth, fresh smelling breath, no more people running for dear life when I talk… Joke lol. I’ll be able to run up stairs, all the waaaaaayyyyyyy to the top!!! Where I use to have stop multiple times in between SMH. Most important though is the fact that my vessel will finally be all the way useful for God… Hallelujah!!!

Let’s do it guys… Nooooooo more cigarettes… Starting, when my last one is finished… Stay tuned, to be continued 🙂 🙂 🙂

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


11 thoughts on “With God ALL things ARE possible… This journey takes Faith and supernatural strength!!!

  1. How exciting!

    You know, our lives are such a journey. Every twist and bend has something new, and I imagine this decision is going to cause a lot of difficulty and struggle in the months ahead. Won’t it be so wonderful though to see the results of that perseverance?

    I pray Father daily enables you to overcome the temptation to smoke! The journey will seem long; but one day you will look back and see how faithful He has been in the process!

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    1. Yes indeed, it’s gonna be wonderful to look back and see where God brought me from and has taken me to, by using me as His very own vessel… Just the very thought of it gives me such joy within… I’m ooooooooohhh sooooooo elated 🙂

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  2. I went through it a year ago. Quit in February 2014 after 35 years. It’s like a break up when you think about it. Actually I started blogging because I wanted to wrap my head around it. I didn’t find it that hard, just very confusing. Anyhow…I wrote an Addiction Manifesto https://nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/my-addiction-manifesto/, although and most importantly. I went to a quit smoking board called the quitsmokingmessageboard.com. Lots of it is over the top, but it helps a lot at the beginning. Hope I didn’t bother you.

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      1. Go to the board. You don’t have to talk..but read and if you want participate. It will make a big difference. Oh and you have to SNOT every day in the morning lol. SNOT is a pledge like NOPE and stands for Smoking is not an option today. One day at a time. If I can be of any help, just let me know. If I can do it , so can you.

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        1. I just can’t convey enough how grateful I am to everybody here… God makes Nooooooo mistakes… Every time I open a comment I wanna cry, because of how good everyone is to me SMH… It’s ridiculously awesome, and then I can’t even give y’all hugs, because you’re probably thousands miles away… The way y’all type to me is as if we’re sitting right across the table from one another and had gone to school together for many many years… That’s when you know it’s God directing your path, towards the kindhearted individuals He promised He would.

          He just kept saying to me “hold on babygirl… I gotcha!!! Soon you’ll meet the most amazing people, who’ll love you unconditionally just as I do… Your repetitive pain, heartache and misery will finally come to an end” can I tell ya, He Neeeeeevvvveeerr lied… Thank you guys from the moon and back!!! My apologies, I get emotional at times… Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee forgive me lol 🙂

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  3. Praying encouragement right now over your soul, dear friend! My hubby was hooked on everything you can think of, but, the one hanging on has been smoking. He is working with a vapor cigarette right now. Honestly, some days are better than others, but we aren’t giving up but relying on God to bring his freedom to completion. He can do it for you, too!

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