Nooooooo matter how it looks… I believe!!!

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy, in Your Son Jesus Christ’s Holy name!

Dear God, no matter what it looks like I believe that You want to and will bring this ministry together, so that Alone No More can be readily available to help Your people everywhere.

Daddy, in spite of how I may feel as though nothing is turning out right, I’ll continue to look upwards, towards the hills, from where my help comes; knowing that hold ups don’t necessarily count me out!!!

I Love You Father God, and nothing’s going to stop Alone No More from taking root… we will, in Jesus name, help the people, as You lead, guide and direct. God, I’m convinced that in Your own time, You will undoubtedly bring forth every individual needed to make this ministry what You intend for it to be!!! Have Your way, I surrender my all to Your mighty work… Use me until You’ve used me up… My only desire is to serve and Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee You at any cost. Amen!!!

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)


12 thoughts on “Nooooooo matter how it looks… I believe!!!

  1. It’s when we have a broken, contrite spirit that our Father can truly use us my friend. Always remember, when everything seems to be falling apart, that’s when they’re falling into place. Keep pouring your heart and soul out to God, He delights in the time we spend in fellowship with Him and He will restore you, strengthen you and revive you and your calling will be fruitful. May God shower you with His love and peace always.

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    1. Thanx sooooooo much for this… I was just feeling so hurt and alone. My bday is in 25 days and I group texted all my children. But, only two even slightly replied SMH… It crushed me, because they’re really all I have to help me prepare for the party I wanted. But, they acted like it was unimportant ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh.


      1. That really hurts – I too know from experience. Long, long story but basically the same ending. No heartache like that of a child turning their back on you. We have to just continue to pray that God will restore the time the locusts have eaten away and mend the broken relationships. Praying for you!

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