Da UGLY Ducklin feels BEAUTIFUL

Words couldn’t convey the awesomeness I feel within… I mean my walk is different, my head is up opposed to always lookin down and somber… If I wasn’t sure I was filled with the Holy Spirit before… I’m beyond convinced now!!!

Nothing or nobody could ever grant me such overwhelming peace, joy, happiness, and assurance… It’s definitely God, without a shadow of doubt, all over me… And I can’t stop smiling. I bet it’s all the encouragement I received just today, from all of you right here on WordPress… Thank you guys sooooooo much :-):-):-)

Of course, what’s noticeable now has been there all along, but I was too bogged down to allow it all to fester… But God!!! He won’t let you wallow in no mess for too long, it makes Him look bad. Sooooooo, he picked me up and put a new spark in my step, now I can finish this race set before me, knowing imma friend of God and He’s got my back… Nooooooo question!!!

Follow me as I allow Christ to LEAD!!!


6 comments on “Da UGLY Ducklin feels BEAUTIFUL

  1. Glory! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am excited to see how the Holy Spirit leads you… Blessings upon you as you “breathe”.

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  2. I love your positive, uplifting posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it enough to follow. Hope it was helpful 🙂

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  3. It’s great to read that you’re feeling “peace, joy and happiness” with your head held high!
    Thanks for following me on MyYearOfLivingSelfishly.com. This year will be big for both of us. I’m certain.

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