The Other Woman

Even in our hurt, we are expected to remain Godly and Pray for both… The “coward” husband and the “trashy” other woman with low self esteem. In actuality, we’re simply God’s Grace away from that being us. And deftly let’s not be judgmental, because the same measures that we use to judge others will in fact be met unto us vice versa.

Regardless of the woman’s wrong doing, we gotta still see her as our sister in the supernatural and intervene on her behalf… Asking God first to forgive her and then for her to be transformed. Surely, she’s caught in satan’s disgusting web of sin, any time she can carry on that way with humiliation and just feeling down right low afterwards. That’s why we’ll trick satan amidst his own trickery… Where he thinks he’s successfully reaped havoc in the lives of three individuals, he’ll actually lose his grips on the two that allowed him free reign in their lives.

We’re all one big family, dependent upon each other, Nooooooo matter the anger… Be the BIGGER person and Pray the wrongdoers through… And watch Heaven smile upon you and yours… Be Blessed and encouraged my luvs!!!


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