I’m homeless – counting my Blessings, and naming them 1 by 1… Never desolate!!!

So, here is the mom of that Lil laughing baby… This is my youngest daughter, and the Lol babygirl is her only.

Sooooooo excited, I went to Bible Study last night!!! The teaching really hit home for me… Encouraging me to keep on working. With ALL the chaos and inconsistencies, I honestly considered going back to disability, just to keep a leveled head. Buuuuuutttttttt, God already gave me the answer on that one SMH… And I’m glad He said Nooooooo frfr, because I’m not one for laying around and being lazy. That’s why my children are probably hiding out from me lol, because they know the drill is coming to any one of them that’s not on somebody’s payroll or an entrepreneur.

I almost got myself in trouble again at work today, and once you hear the story you gon be like “girl, I would’ve rung your neck myself if I’d been there ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh”!!!


14 comments on “I’m homeless – counting my Blessings, and naming them 1 by 1… Never desolate!!!

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    This is a woman of God on the front lines with an honesty that inspires me! Wrap her in prayer, follow her and rejoice as God reveals himself through her story.


  2. Your message touched my heart this morning soooooo much! I stand with you in prayer and thanksgiving! God is using you every step along this journey…no time is waisted. He is touching lives through the faithful heart you have in the midst of it all. You got this girl! Nothing takes God by surprise. He is the master chess player (a description I read recently that somehow boosted my confidence during trial) and nothing defeats him. As you’ve said, the victory is already won…and the greatest victory is when we submit to God’s plan, just like you are doing! You are indeed vlogging from the front lines…a very hard place to be…but you’re advancing on the enemy and winning ground!!

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    • Thanx bunches for your encouraging words; exactly what I needed to hear this morning, as I’m struggling to remain strong. Even though I know God has a plan to bring me through ALL that I’m experiencing, and I know I’m expected to smile and persevere in the face of adversity… Sometimes I get weak, and feel like totally throwing in the towel. But, I won’t as long as I keep getting messages like this right in the nick of time… Thanx again 🙂

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