Providence Downtown - Roots by the River


  1. Are you introspective and hard on yourself?
  2. Do you hunger for words of encouragement?
  3. Do you carry guilt?
  4. Do you think you need to be punished?
  5. Do you nurture your failures with thoughts of increasing proportion?
  6. Have you felt your contributions are useless?
  7. Do you fluctuate between the emotions of great, personal importance to a deep self-pity?
  8. Are you crying?
  9. Are you often physically weary?
  10. Are you wondering if God even cares?

As you look around, you see beautiful people, read successful stories, and listen to the laughter.  But all the wonderful things around you only seem to accentuate your lack.  Your despair.  Your life looks like the vacant field full of overgrown weeds or the discarded pile of lava rocks heaped at the end of a farmer’s field.  Your thoughts are dark, rain clouds with no chance of spring showers and a rainbow.

You might feel like you are…

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