3 Relationship Lessons We Learned From Ciara That Ciara Should Follow

Lesson #1 disagreement for two reasons 1.) She’s actively in the process of making “I bet” come to life… Remember, she told Future he gon start lovin her, soon as he SEE her wit someone else; better than him. So, how else would she successfully anger him, and have him running back, unless she publicized her interactions wit her new pawn… I just feel sorry for the Zude, who’ll ultimately be dismayed sooner than later. 2.) Regardless of them opening up by their rendezvous… Once the paparazzi got wind of it, it’d been out anyways… They plays no games, they be on it!!! Lurking and hiding in bushes lol… Sometimes I wonder if they even eat, if they’re posted up for hours on end, trynna get the juiciest story turn HEADLINE rotmfblmbao… A hot mess SMH. They anything frfr!!!

Lesson #2 disagreement… Shhhiiiidddd, call a spade a spade my nigga!!! Although, I still think the whole “Awesome” statement was just another way to make Future run home quicker… Nooooooo maaaaannnnnnn wants to even think another has his honey bunch wooed and they’re treating them in any such way, that’ll have them overjoyed, to the point where they consider them AWESOME… Hmmmmm, good job Ciara… Pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

Lesson #3 disagreement are you freekin kiddin me… Sky is the limit!!! We’re talkin bout Ciara here… How she look doing ordinary ish… Ain’t nuttin merely ordinary bout Shorty… She’s immaculate and flawless, in my opinion, and fit right in at that dinner through and through… I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall, to see if she had pure pizzazz, because everything else about her speaks for itself. But, she had better walked fierce, and any time she had to stand still she’d better stood with confidence and assurance that she’s dat b!√¢π!!!

Nonetheless, (BnfEnT CEO Son Son – DMV’s infamous rap artist) is Up next √√√

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