“In Other News” Top 5 Richest Rappers!!!

Uncertain future SMH… Dats dat lar Birdman!!! Shoulda known not to eff wit Tune. Therefore, you’s boutta be a non factor Rotmfblmbao. Stop being greedy and manipulative dammit!!! You already holdin dat bag in sooooooo many arenas. So, what was your point of trynna ish on Mr Carter? You disgust me. Then, I forgot to go on Dre, keep lying bout being a freekin billionaire… Have several seats sir, because they just keep exposing y’all wanna bes… A crying shame SMH… Making yourself look like a straight clown… FOH 🙂


(BnfEnT CEO Son Son – DMV’s infamous rap artist) Up next √√√


Forbes just released their annual update of the top 5 richest rappers in hip hop. Although this is actually not important in hiphop it’s always good to stay current on these issues (or so “they” say). going from top to bottom, at #1 we have mr Sean “Puff Daddy” or “P-Diddy” if your nasty Combs at $735 million. #2 we have Dr Dre coming in at a close $700 million. Although, as we all know from the viral video that was posted by the Aftermath camp showing Dre saying ‘he is the first “Billionaire” hip hop artist ever’ due to the recent sale of his beats by Dre headphones to apple. He only actually landed about $500 million after the percentage cut and taxes taken out, still nothing to frown at but definitely not the $3.2 billion that was promoted. at #3 we have “HOV” Jay-Z at an estimated $550…

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