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Amber Rose Blames The Alcohol For Her Airing Out Of Kanye West

I’m sooooooo haaaappppyyyy for dis post Right here!!! Sum like what I was saying earlier, in regards to others delightfully accepting help, in the industry, to build and/or mold their image. This is confirmation that it’s been going on, and not only with Kanye… So, my point remains that Amber made herself look like a complete fool, trynna go on da “nigga she use to fu¢£”… Straight from da horse’s mouth… Not tooooooo classy Amber… Shitfaced or nah!!!

(BnfEnT CEO Son Son – DMV’s infamous rap artist) Up next √√√



Amber Rose Fans

Much like anyone else who’s ever had a night they couldn’t remember courtesy of alcohol, Amber Rose woke up Friday morning seemingly regretting her actions at the club on Thursday.

Those actions include her sending major shade Kanye West’s way by insinuating that Travi$ Scott has to help ‘Ye get his pen up as his ghostwriter. With cameras always watching and recording, her words quickly made their way to the web and snowballed from there.

So Muva Rosebud took to Instagram to issue what could be construed as an apology.

Oy vey.

Fortunately for her, this is all much ado about nothing. The fact is Kanye came in the game using help to get his thoughts across, dating back to his first big hit, “Jesus Walks,” which was co-written by Rhymefest. Tracing the lineage, he’s always had assistance along the way with his rhymes, his sound and his whole…

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