Madonna On Drake Kiss: “I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It”. It Gets Worse…

FOH… you real got rats, not mice in your house and you have the audacity to talk ish bout my mans and nem… Dats dat lar 4 ur a$$… What’s da chances that Ben (da rat) would choose to run ramped, right while you’re taping yourself fake go on da next maaaaannnnnnn… Lol, yous a fool for dis one my love… Karma’s a b!+¢π

Nevertheless, (BnfEnT CEO Son Son – DMV’s infamous rap artist) is mos def UP NEXT √√√

Ben and Siya Blog Shit

Not gonna lie, this interview format is kinda fresh. Madonna took to her webcam with nothing but a bottle of wine, cheese pizza, and a drastic shortage of phucks to give.

You asked the million dollar question. I kissed a girl and I liked it.”, on Drake’s kissing abilities.

Yes, I’d like to collaborate with Barack Obama“, on who she’d like to collaborate with (in music? O_o).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, material girl took more questions from her young (?) fans, and snapped open an umbrella of the coldest shade upon Drizzy Drake Rogers.  With the presumable pinot pourin, as if to say “fuck it, I’m On One!”… When asked “what advice would you give to your younger self, knowing what you know now?” The Rebel Heart bled:

aaand the closest Swagga to the timeless Kanye Shrug goes to:

Madonna pizza wine

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