Amber Rose Accuses Kanye Of Hiring Ghost Writers!

Wow, just woooooowwwwwwww is all I can say, until I continue to follow this stunt, and figure out her plight!!! If I’m not mistaken, there’s absolutely nuttin wrong with artists having others write for them. We’re all given certain talents… Some have the ability to come up with lyrics that they just can’t bring to the forefront, yet while others can hit dat stage and kill it. Unbeknownst to many I know of two renowned mega preachers who deftly hire ghostwriters all the time, apparently because they’re too busy with other work for God. To add, I wholeheartedly believe it’s OK to grab collections from others, and ghostwriters normally use your thoughts and aspirations to build the collection on your behalf.

Get a life Amber and get back to Mommy hood… Who cares frfr where his work comes from… His fans are through da roof. So, fallback my love.

(BnfEnT CEO Son Son – DMV’s infamous rap artist) Up next √√√

Our Bass Addiction


Attention-chasing fame-whore Amber Rose has just come out an accused good ol’ Kanye of hiring ghost writers to write his lyrics. It’s been hottly rumoured for some time that Kanye’s a fan of getting others to do the work for him before taking credit and attributing it to his super genius but now we have it straight from some horse’s mouth.

One of Kanye’s tracks was playing at the Supperclub in L.A when the delightful Ms Rose subjected the DJ and other club goers to the following rant;

“Stop playing n*ggas I used to f*ck,” she demanded. “Why don’t we play the n*gga who writes his songs for the other n*gga: Travis Scott. Let’s go.”


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