It’s a DOGGY Dog World… gggggrrrrrrhhhhh!!!

Well, at least that’s what lucifer wants us to believe… NOT! As long as I walk upright before God… NO good thing will He EVER withhold from me.

When me and my zude first reunited I was gun hoe, because he was a homebody, and that helped cure my insecurities, that the enemy had built up in me over the years. Well, here lately, he’s been leaving early mornings, and returning late night… In the natural, that’s ALL the tell tell signs of cheating… NOPE, I’ve opted in to a NEW supernatural form of looking at everything surrounding my relationship, and I simply give US to God daily, and allow Him to have His way… with this, I can’t go wrong. But, I must NOT give stupid satan even a minute of fun in my mind, causing me to worry, even if he shows me worldly clues like (Him not calling me, him coming straight in, and immediately hopping in the shower or me calling him, and getting purposely sent to the voicemail)… mmmmhhhhhh!!! The OLD carnal side of me would go ballistic. But, that’s ALL a part of passing test. For the enemy to cause chaos in your life, and give you credible/valid reasons to kirk out, but you look to God instead, and calmly hold your PEACE… Boy does he get angry!!! Ohhhh well, his times of playing mind games with me, and causing me to miss out on God sent Blessings is OVER… I’m convinced, without a shadow of doubt, that God indeed rejoined my husband and I together. Therefore, all I have to do is show Him, that I’m appreciative, and I TRUST Him, to make sure NO infidelity takes place… and with that, we’ll live happily ever after; in HOLY matrimony… Musiq PREACH

Nonetheless, the devil never quits! He sees that his ridiculous plots against my husband and me don’t work. So, he moves to my children, trying to reap havoc between us, and I must say he almost has me won over… It’s been times I’ve literally been in tears; vowing to NOT only refrain from helping them anymore… But, I’ve actually ALMOST been tricked into cutting them OUTTA my life ALL together… satan, have SEVERAL seats, those are MY babies… I would NEVER, in a trillion years turn my back on them, not for NO reason… minus outlandish blasphemy against MY Holy Spirit… No doubt, God’s Word states that’d be the ONLY thing to separate US from Him. Sooooo, likewise I’d have to FOLLOW suit… Hey, “For me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord” and even though we’re not physically under the same roof… My standards for them NEVER has or will change… I command/demand respect for OUR Trinity… Point blank PERIOD… No exceptions nor deviations from the RULE.

What got me through the MANY disheartening altercations, disagreements, and let downs with MY babies, is the fact that I gradually obtained the understanding that I had to take on the mindset of Christ, in placing others before self, and not looking for them to return favors or be nice to me, just because I’d bent over backwards for them, on several occasions… and TRUST me it’s hard to feel as though you’re blatantly being mistreated, but become the underdog in the situation… But, OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice… God says DO it, and from there, NO further questions are asked, and definitely I won’t mummer or complain. Ohhhh yeah, I ain’t gon lie… I silently pitch a fit, because I feel as though they’re getting off EASY… But, in reality we BOTH win. God sees my humility, and rewards me accordingly, and they ultimately recognize my meekness, and know that I’ve been changed; EXACTLY what God wants… “Be NOT conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the RENEWING of your mind… Once you do this… The DOGGY Dog world, as you USE to perceive it, takes on a different form, and you’ll be able to deal with people in a NEW light… The things that, at one point in life, would have you hating your love ones or holding grudges, will roll off your back, and you won’t even feed into it… Negativity only leads to MISERY… Choose the HIGH road instead, and love ALL in spite of… and you’ll hear God say “This is My son/daughter, in whom I’m WELL pleased.”

Now remember I said… that form of Godliness (LONGSUFFERING) will ONLY get easier, after transformation takes place in your life, and you’ve been anointed with your HELPER (Holy Spirit)… Therefore, SURRENDER all to God… Withholding NOTHING… G’nite MY loves… It just gets BETTER with time… Love you all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “It’s a DOGGY Dog World… gggggrrrrrrhhhhh!!!

  1. Hey, thanks for the follow! Although I am not a Christian, I really agree with a lot of what you said, and your attitude. You seem like a very strong-willed person. And you’re right–negativity does lead to misery! I should remind myself of this more often πŸ™‚


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