God enticed EUPHORIA

This song right here thrusts me into the very PRESENCE of God, where I can receive from Him.

Before, I use to only hear members at church proclaiming how they spent time with God, and was Blessed with revelation knowledge about different things they were experiencing, and I was skeptical for MANY years, only because I hadn’t had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Him in the same realm.

But, as of yesterday I am no longer a skeptic… the Spirit of God was ALL over me, anointing me with MORE wisdom & understanding. I mean it was a Glorious experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I was ushered before His THRONE, only for Him to continually make me aware of how much He loves me, in spite of my procrastination. My eyes kept filling with tears, but I was sitting at my desk, so I couldn’t Worship in the manner I wanted to. Had I been in my secret place, I’d stretched out prostrate before Him, and thanked Him for ALL the MANY blessings that He’s bestowed upon me and my babies.

On too MANY occasions, He’s made ways outta NO way for us, and just the mere thoughts of it had me on cloud nine. TRUST me, it’s nuttin like spending time with your heavenly father, NOT to beg for things. But, rather to express gratitude for what He’s already done.

God is AWESOME in how HE shows forth bouts of Mercy and Grace in our lives, even when we barely appreciate His Goodness… Sad, to say! But, most of the time, God becomes OUR spare tire, so to say. We ONLY look to Him in times of desperation… Soooooo UNFAIR!!! We definitely MUST do BETTER… He loves US, and will NEVER turn His back on us. However, He deserves reciprocation… make it your priority to thank Him daily, and ask for guidance on how you can assist… once you do this, it opens up the doors for you to be the vessel He’ll use to make His impact on this chaotic world. Salvation is essential, and so MANY of us are strays… that crushes God. It’s Neeeeeevvvveeerr been in His plan for OUR lives, to have us living any other way then TOTALLY at PEACE and successful. Allow Him in, and watch the difference evolve.

I can’t stress much MORE, the importance of giving yourself wholeheartedly away to God, for Him to use you and for your service you’ll surely receive unthinkable benefits… love you ALL. I’m excited about OUR new found transformation, and I speak in FAITH that you’ll take heed to my writings, and walk with me, as I follow Him.

The 2nd Most Important Decision Of Your Life

Be NOT unequally yoked!!!

Made To Disciple

If you’re single and you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, then I can assure you, God is extremely interested in your choice of a marriage partner. He wants to reveal the person He has chosen for you, but it’s important to go slowly and carefully into that decision. Next to committing your life to Jesus Christ, it’s the most important decision you’ll ever make.

God’s first desire for everyone, married or single, is a total commitment to Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we must be willing to accept God’s will, even if it’s contrary to ours (Matthew 16:24). However, we need to realize an important truth about God’s will: His will is good because He is good (Psalm 34:8). Some people are afraid of God’s will. They fear that once they submit to God’s plans, He will force them to do something miserable. That’s a warped concept of God…

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