Who’ll laugh LAST???????

Since beginning a devout relationship with Christ, I’ve constantly been a stickler of speaking things into existence; opposed to just wishing for my desires to stumble upon me. Well, in 1994 I got my tubes tied, clipped and burned, and in the natural, that suggests that I’ll NEVER conceive again, and it’s claimed to be true thus far. However, the absence of my baby girl/boy does nothing in deterring my Faith, when I go back in memory, and recollect ALL the miraculous deeds He’s already performed in my life. One incident that comes to the forefront of my mind occurred in 2003, when my only son surprised me for my birthday, with tickets to MEGAFEST, which was hosted and headed by renowned Bishop TD Jakes, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was ecstatic, and determined to get from Tennessee, where we were residing at the time, to Georgia Dome, in time for the event. Needless to say, in the natural, it APPEARED that all the odds were against me. I had no reliable transportation, and no lodging upon arrival, to accommodate my three day birthday gift. But, whatever the cost, I knew I had to get there, and NOTHING would stop me!!! Nonetheless, in knowing the condition of my car, my son refused to allow me to chance the long drive alone. So, he hired my niece to accompany me, for emergency reasons. After throwing some things in my overnight bag, and rushing my baby girls to the sitter, off we went. Long story short, just as fleshly predicted, the car broke down on us, on the side of the road… Although we were closer to home, turning around WAS NOT an option. As I was taught by a previous Pastor, when new to the walk, I always carried anointing oil with me. My niece of course LAUGHED at me, as I grabbed the oil, jumped out the car, and went around and around that car, anointing it, and pleading the BLOOD of Jesus over it, and before getting back in the car, I demanded satan and ALL his imps to flee from me… And what do you know, I turned the key, the car started, and we proceeded on down the road, with NO MORE issues. Let me not forget to tell you, God not only worked out the transportation situation, but He also had my other niece put us up for our entire stay… Talking bout an ON TIME God… I never doubted His abilities to see us through, and I MUST admit, the function was MARVELOUS… I even received a BIRTHDAY Prayer shawl from Prophetess Juanita Bynum… That’s why I love my Daddy… He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us… No disappointments whatsoever 🙂

But, back to why this post came to be. Remember I mentioned the whole tubal ligation in 1994? Well, yesterday two of my daughters were visiting with me, and we were going through my calendar, pointing out important family dates… Months ago, in FAITH I wrote PREGNANT, above the month of July, signifying that I’m believing God to give me another baby in THIS month. Because what I wrote wasn’t something we were directly focusing on, I verbally stated the birthdays in THIS month and attempted to turn the page… SMH, my middle daughter caught a glimpse of it, and yelled out “Who’s PREGNANT???” I quickly said me. But, I purposely didn’t elaborate on the fact that it was written in an act of FAITH, in fear of the downplay I may have received. Well, their reaction was even worse… They LAUGHED as hard as they could, because they’re aware of the doctor’s ruling, that once a female undergoes the surgery I did, PREGNANCY is NO LONGER possible.

To rap it up… Let me say this, “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for and the evidence of things NOT seen… No, if I relied on what the doctors say, in the natural, I’ll NEVER be PREGNANT… But, that’s exactly why THEY MUST KNOW… “Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God!”

Their LAUGHTER did nothing to make me disbelieve what God can do… In fact, what it did do is make me that much more pressured into living upright before God, so that He can show up and SHOW OUT in my life, and they’ll too be converted believers. Really, if they were old enough to recall the time God did something AWESOME for us, again involving a transportation predicament, they’d already be won over. But, I guess age obscured their remembrance of the time we ran out of gas, and I taught them how to Pray, Praise and Worship God, right in my backseat, and we made it another 50 – to 75 miles on total E… Tell me My God don’t perform MIRACLES… It’s all in your level of FAITH… And for me, I have FAITH huger than the size of a mustard seed… So, I’m believing, decreeing and declaring that EVERYTHING I’m trusting God for in 2014 IS on its way…

God inhabits the PRAISES of His people… When Praises go up – Blessings undoubtedly come down. Get into the practice of being RADICAL for Christ… No matter if you feel like a fool or even if people around you LAUGH. Don’t let it move you!!! Instead, hold fast to your belief and expectations, and trust me it WILL be rewarding. God is a God that CAN’T and WON’T lie, if He sees you going all out, to get His attention and Favor… He’s destined to perform on your behalf, not only to, but especially to put your naysayers to shame.

In closing, even if my PREGNANCY don’t take place in July 2014… know that I won’t give up Hope, and that’s encouragement to each of you. Whatever you’re believing God for, write the vision, and make it plain… Be specific in your asking, and He’ll be sure to give you the desires of your heart, and tell ALL those who LAUGH… “IT IS WRITTEN” just as Jesus stated to satan, during His time of temptation. (((TOODLES)))

PS, after my God works His mojo… we’ll see who LAUGHS last 🙂 🙂 🙂


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