@wuanriich #WuanRiich #September2022 page #13 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

@wuanriich #WuanRiich #September2022 page #13 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Vision: I plan on making a big name for myself & my family. Imma really gets my name out there & improve my talent.

Popular releases: Riich Steps, Told Em Shits, Soul & Save The Game.

Inspiration artists: Lil Uzi Vert, Rick Ross & Young Thug.

Where you wanna be in 10 years?: In 10 years, I #WuanRiich plan on being the most prominent artist in the world & I know everyone says this, but I’m ready & already putting in the work to get there. I want to take care of the ones I love because I really love this Shit & I know everybody else will too.

It’s Mr. RiiCh, #WuanRiich here to entertain you all with some of the most exciting & exhilarating stuff; that no one might anticipate from anyone. Yes, that’s true; I’m not just hip-hop & rap artist. I’m a completely different animal when it comes to DMV music. I want to bring something new to the DMV, having fun while still standing on your principles.

Music is my life & I #WuanRiich live to amuse you with good tracks. This means that you can love me or hate me, but in any manner, you cannot ignore me. You might be wondering what my specialty would be in the music industry. Well, I can call it “Music WEEDLY!” Yeah, because I smoke weed & make music with a slice of enigma and a teaspoon of love.

My #WuanRiich work, such as “Ban it” & “Bforever” are my little babies, which are very dear to me. Mainly because these songs are just the beginning of a massive load of hits that’s about to put me exactly where I wanna be at this stage of my career. Omg, I love the way yall enjoy my energetic & fluent lyrics, it makes me go harder to make sure that I bring you nothing but fire 🔥🔥🔥 compositions every time🎯.

So, I #WuanRiich must say that I thank you for all your support. This music is dedicated to all my weed lovers out there lol I can say with complete confidence that there are plenty 💯

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