@1therealbigfinesser #1therealbigfinesser #September2022 page #19 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

@1therealbigfinesser #1therealbigfinesser #September2022 page #19 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Vision: I see myself and my people wealthy.

Popular releases: “Grind” “RUSH HOUR” “Constantly FreeStyle” “Verizon”.

Inspiration artists: Artists who I listen to are: Zay Osama, Young Thug, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, Money Marr, Rundown & Schlish.

Where you wanna be in 10 years?: In 10 years, I’m trying to be the most prominent force of influence & wealth, living how I always said I would.

Hey lovely people, I’m #1therealbigfinneser, here to fill you up with a dose of good quality music, along with a sense of lifestyle, for those who are tapped in with me.

For my supporters, I’m #1therealbigfinesser consistently on the grind when it comes to making good music. It’s all about making you guys happy & excited about my fire 🔥🔥🔥 compositions. I feel that spreading lit music & singing at events; makes me a better person because I get to connect with so many people & be able to listen to their feedback & lovely gestures; it is truly a Blessing.

In other words, I’ve #1therealbigfinesser genuinely transformed into a people’s kind of guy that works for the wellbeing & happiness of each of you. Every track is created with you in mind, simply because your satisfaction assists me in going to the next level.

I #1therealbigfinesser spend most of my time working on melodies that touch on trending topics and other important factors & situations that are prevalent at that moment. I learned, rather quickly, that it’s imperative for me to tailor my music around current events, as it will be streamed & sold more if I do. I’d love to hear some genuine feedback from you all.

In any case, hit me #1therealbigfinesser up, share your views & let’s figure out ways to make DMV artists go national & then maybe global as well.

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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@tgotbandz20 #tgotbandz20 #September2022 page #18 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

@tgotbandz20 #tgotbandz20 #September2022 page #18 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Vision: To keep grinding hard & blow up soon.

Popular releases: Shit gets hot running my city & Callin ft Shay Tr.

Inspiration artists: Polo G, Money Marr & Lil Durk

Where you wanna be in 10 years?: “In 10 years, I see myself successful with my music career, being rich & all my dawgs & family with me; rich asl too 💯.

What up, I go by the artist name TGotBandz #tgotbandz20. I’m a 21-year-old artist from Northern Virginia & I’m here to tell a story about myself. First & foremost, I come from nothing, trying to turn it into something. In the early stages of my life, I grew up in Manassas, Virginia; in the second half, I grew up in Leesburg Va, with three sisters & 1 brother, with me being the youngest. My life has obstacles, just like other people. But, I had it overwhelmingly hard growing up, so I expressed it in my music. Music has always been in me. I have been freestyling since I was 12, been in the chorus singing some solos & all. So, it just carried on to rapping & singing. I don’t say I’m a rapper #tgotbandz20 or an artist. I’m very versatile. I make a lot of melodic pain music so that you can hear my story through my songs & I also make lit turnt music to keep everybody in a good vibe; when they’re feeling down.

I’ve performed at a number of events & I’m proud to say that I #tgotbandz20 have the power to get you up & to dance in no time. I’ve also uploaded many of my pieces on the internet, with loads of exciting tracks for your enjoyment. So, can you please show me some support, I greatly appreciate it ✅

In any case, I’ll #tgotbandz20 keep making good music & performing at events to keep your energy alive & your vibrations high so that you’ll keep coming back for more & add me to your favorite playlist.

Nonetheless, if you’re ever looking for someone to perform at any of your special events, please feel free to contact me #tgotbandz20 & get your booking!

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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