Janelle Welch-Oliver

If you care about your wellbeing, find another provider. I’ve been a patient since February, trying to get all of my medications, that I’ve been on for years; which aided in me being stable enough, that my once out of control suicide attempts ceased and I haven’t been arrested since 2017; something else I use to have a lot of problems with. I have a petition circulating, in an attempt to get this practice to care about its patients, and get rid of Janelle Welch-Oliver, who has played with my medicine for months now. I’ve also lodged a complaint with the board and contacted a few attorneys, to assist me in a case against the entire entity, for medical negligence. It’s only by the Grace of God, that I haven’t made another attempt on my life and it’s sickening.

Here’s the petition

Janelle Welch-Oliver


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